Abiola Abrams: MTV “Ladies Man” Coach

Abiola Abrams & Bill CammackPhoto Credit: German Marin My homegirl, Abiola Abrams [Web/Twitter/Facebook] was selected by MTV to be a “Made” coach. Her episode was about transforming a 15-year-old, scrawny geek dude into a Ladies Man. You can see deleted scenes on the MTV: “Made” site, and eventually, they’ll have the full episode available. I […]


My excellent friend ActionGirl hung out with me today. We did a dual-channel livecast using ustream.tv. Livecasting, if you’re not familiar, is one of the newest internet fads, but it’s also NOT new. Technology has advanced to the point that the average joe has the ability to broadcast his or her life effortlessly and without […]

Cruxy Presents Suzanne Vega (Virtually)

Tomorrow night, (Friday, July 13th, 7pm EST) Cruxy will host a one-of-a-kind event as Suzanne Vega returns to her avatar form for a special virtual listening party in Second Life. Vega will be celebrating the upcoming release of her new album BEAUTY & CRIME, out July 17 on Blue Note. I caught up with Jon […]

New Joost Version Available

Calling all Beta-Testers… The latest version of Joost (version 0.9) is now available to download. Channels include Warner Brothers, IndyCar Series, Lazy TV, National Geographic, MTV, Comedy Central, Gamestar TV, Indieflix Premier Hits……. There’s also a new login procedure, that allows you to select a unique user name, so sign up soon so you can […]