What You Call It vs. What It Is

I got to spend some time with some CLOSE friends the other night. It was a very grounding experience for me. I’d like to talk about something very simple. Calling something a particular thing doesn’t make that thing what you called it. Not calling something anything doesn’t make it less than what it actually is.

Branding: Name, Nickname or Company?

Everything you do in public adds to or subtracts from your cred, and is compiled in your virtual resume. Which resume are you building, and what do you hope to get out of that? Bill Cammack – Channeling What Women Want When I got started, three years ago, in 2006, My idea was to make […]

Did your man call out another woman’s name?

Ladies… Don’t you just hate it when your man calls out another woman’s name when y’all are doin’ the do? Well, before you start throwing tantrums and throwing keys and cell phones out of Lamborghini windows, let’s think about why this might be ALL. YOUR. FAULT! 😀 Did you dye your hair? Your man gets […]