Running Dogs

My homegirl Gaby, whom I’ve known for years, remarked one day about my photo sets that she was glad to finally have seen the same girl twice in my pictures, hahaha 😀 Until she said that, I really hadn’t thought about it. My life is basically spur of the moment. I never have the same […]

Big City Dating (Meet The Parents)

I was watching a documentary last night about ultra-legendary actor Morgan Freeman offering to pay for a high school in Mississippi to have its first ever INTEGRATED. PROM. in the Year of Our Lord 2008 AD!!! :/. The thing that struck me as the most interesting (and, granted, as an editor, I know that I […]

NYC Thursday Night

Sometimes, you just have one of those days when you see the beauty and the horror of life all at the same time. 😀 Here’s how my evening went in New York City last night.. THURSDAY night. I’m exhausted already, and the weekend doesn’t even start until TONIGHT! 😀 I wasn’t supposed to go out […]