Get Lost… On

NewTeeVee’s Liz Gannes reports that recently posted all three seasons of Lost for HD streaming. Check out Liz’s post for more information. This is *certainly* good news for the people that found out about the “Lost” craze late and would like to start from the start and absorb the entire experience. The season 4 […] members sell their business!!! :D members Joshua Kinberg (Realfans Facebook member) & Jay Dedman are two of the founders of FireAnt, a computer application (called an “app”) that enables users to subscribe to, download, and play video podcasts. According to TechCrunch [link], FireAnt’s assets were acquired by Odeo for $400,000. Congrats, Fellas!!! 😀 Josh Kinberg’s thoughts on the acquisition: […]

Friends, Acquaintances & Contacts

Kristen “Kroosh” Crusius wrote a post the other day about what’s going on in her “Friendiverse”… her universe of friends. Her post reminded me that I had intended to comment about Robert Scoble‘s videos about how social networks’ “friends lists” really work. Part I of Social Graph Based Search. 14:41 minutes. Part II of Social […]