The Sense Monogamy Makes (Exclusive Relationships)

I think monogamy makes sense under three conditions.. Fear, Scarcity & Obsession. Continue reading “The Sense Monogamy Makes (Exclusive Relationships)”

Sexual Tension

Sexual Tension isn’t something guys normally have to think about. It either exists or it doesn’t. It’s a feeling. It’s like being mad. You either FEEL mad at a particular time or you don’t…

Situations & Countermeasures

Bill Cammack

For me, sexual tension is entirely situational. I’m into a chick on a particular day at a particular time under particular circumstances or I’m not. There’s no across-the-board, long-term designation of whether I feel sexual tension for a chick or not.

Back in the day……. I met this chick that I felt IMMEDIATE sexual tension towards.. haha ok, that’s not the UNIQUE part of the story. 😛 .. Continue reading “Sexual Tension”