Ass Out, In The Garbage (Homegirl Epic Failure)

If you’re not from New York City, and specifically Manhattan, you’re not going to understand what this is a picture of. 🙂 Manhattan has garbage collection days. They don’t come get the garbage every day. This means that when stores know that the day is coming up, they bring all their garbage bags from the […]

Dating Above Your Station

So, The Kid was invited out to lunch the other day by a female friend of mine. This was *not* a date, but the issues are relevant to dating, because the only difference is I wasn’t trying to get laid…. So the way it went down, she ended up selecting the place… This is important […]

Street Game 06: Should Women Ask Men Out?

Bill & Frank discuss SonjaCassella’s Twitter question: “Do guys like girls to ask them out, and if so, how?” Listen / Download => Audio Version (.mp3) [12:18] Send “Street Game” questions to @BillCammack or More Episodes: