Snuggie WHAT? Snuggie WHO?

Oz Sultan (@ozsultan) showcases telegraph machines and steampunk binoculars in a leopard snuggie? o_O Direct Download: YouTube Link: — Connect with Bill via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Email Subscription, RSS Feed

Who’s The Man?

Formats available: Mobile Video (.mp4) “Who’s The Man?” Brett Petersel @brett Brian Solis @briansolis Jolie O’Dell @jolieodell Oz Sultan @ozsultan Courtenay Bird @courtenaybird Damien Basile @db Stephanie Agresta @stephagresta Chris McCaffrey @chrismccaffrey Michelle Chaffee @michellebythec Bill Cammack @billcammack New York City, NY, USA

Nobody Cares Who Social Media Guys Are Dating

Adrienne & Bill So I’m chatting with Adrienne Brawley the other day, and we’re discussing web shows since we’re both shooters and editors. We were talking about my post Personal Brand? No Crossover, and the topic of internet show hosts came up. I “matter-of-factly” mentioned how several female show hosts either ACTIVELY HIDE their boyfriends […]