Co-Signing Mistakes

Sometimes, people that you like screw something up in business or relationships.

When that happens, you really want to take them to the side and let them know what they did wrong so they can fix it and look like they came to the right conclusion on their own.

If they refuse to listen to you and fix it, or even worse, if they refuse to admit they made the mistake in the first place, you have two choices.. You either co-sign their mistake, or you make it clear to the rest of the people aware of the situation that you know it’s a mistake. Continue reading “Co-Signing Mistakes”

Sexual Tension

Sexual Tension isn’t something guys normally have to think about. It either exists or it doesn’t. It’s a feeling. It’s like being mad. You either FEEL mad at a particular time or you don’t…

Situations & Countermeasures

Bill Cammack

For me, sexual tension is entirely situational. I’m into a chick on a particular day at a particular time under particular circumstances or I’m not. There’s no across-the-board, long-term designation of whether I feel sexual tension for a chick or not.

Back in the day……. I met this chick that I felt IMMEDIATE sexual tension towards.. haha ok, that’s not the UNIQUE part of the story. 😛 .. Continue reading “Sexual Tension”