Lonely People Should Date Each Other

Lonely people should date each other, in order to avoid mismatches.

Some online dating sites ask people a lot of questions. I know this because I have a couple of fake accounts so I can check out the local talent.

I can’t actually be involved in online dating, because I can’t get into a chick based on some unverified information she typed about herself and a couple of close-cropped pictures of her, spanning from her collarbone to the top of her head.. I actually have to be around a chick to know what I want to do with her.

One of the questions I haven’t seen is “Are You Lonely?”

I didn’t think about it at the time that I was making my accounts, but I was having yet another of the recurring conversation I have with women who can’t understand why guys are trying to touch them and kiss them and get laid when they go on dates with them. Continue reading “Lonely People Should Date Each Other”

Anti- People

Anti- People are the ones that, no matter what you say, they feel the need/desire to express the exactly opposite opinion, or at least their response is always an exception that aims to defuse or dilute your point.

I used to be really annoyed by “anti- people”, until I figured out that they exist.

Now, I’m only slightly amused by them, but they don’t actually get on my nerves… I recognize their condition and either accept it, tolerate it, or cease to interact with them because of it.

Anti- People are the ones that, no matter what you say, they feel the need/desire to express the exactly opposite opinion, or at least their response is always an exception that aims to defuse or dilute your point. Continue reading “Anti- People”

Scorched Earth Politics

Here’s what’s currently happening to your life:

Apparently, (and if you disagree, feel free to click here to post your thoughts in the comment section of this post) the Republicans are more interested in making President Barack Obama a “One-Term President” than they are in making sure that you have a job, have personal safety, or keep the house you currently live in.

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Facebook: Should You Add Someone You’re Dating?

Reader “Katie” asked me when I felt people who have just started dating should add each other on Facebook.

This is a very interesting question, and potentially complicated.

It depends both on how people utilize Facebook and how they date. Continue reading “Facebook: Should You Add Someone You’re Dating?”

Ladies: Stop Bringing Extra People On Dates

Bill CammackWe’re going to file this one under “Common Sense”…

I’m watching Millionaire Matchmaker and Patti’s trying to hook this millionaire chick (MC) up with a date, right?

So she tells the MC to let the guy plan the date… Continue reading “Ladies: Stop Bringing Extra People On Dates”

Judgement (Political Correctness)

One of the reasons why Political Correctness (PC) doesn’t work is that it doesn’t stop anybody from thinking what they’re thinking. It only stops people from SAYING what they’re thinking. Continue reading “Judgement (Political Correctness)”

Synthetic People (Mel Gibson Has A Point…)

Mel Gibson & Oksana GrigorievaMel Gibson has done it again. 🙂

Once again, his PR team has to go into crisis management / damage control mode because he was running his mouth while he thought he wasn’t being recorded.

Amongst the myriad things to be learned from this, according to examiner.com, Mel dropped this gem on his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva:

“Look what you did to me… look what you are… look what every part of you is… f**king fake… f**king fake. You are the most synthetic person… who the f*** are you?”

Now, hahahaha Being that I don’t know her at all and never even heard of her before this story broke the other day, I don’t know exactly what Mel’s referencing… Continue reading “Synthetic People (Mel Gibson Has A Point…)”

Some People Are Just Crazy!!! \o/

I’m not a fan of “Political Correctness”. Coming up with ways for people to try to be nice to each other and sugarcoat the nasty things they’re really thinking about someone else is just stupid.

So I’m watching this “reality” television show, right? 😀 And on this show, there’s a chick that’s crazy. Loco. Stark Raving MAD! HAHAHA She’s clearly a looney-tune, right? Not crazy as in her mind NEVER works, but that you can see it shut down and she just becomes this imbecile that says anything and does anything and then remembers things the wrong way in the future and it just keeps getting worse and worse. Continue reading “Some People Are Just Crazy!!! \o/”