Scorched Earth Politics

Here’s what’s currently happening to your life: Apparently, (and if you disagree, feel free to click here to post your thoughts in the comment section of this post) the Republicans are more interested in making President Barack Obama a “One-Term President” than they are in making sure that you have a job, have personal safety, […]

Facebook: Should You Add Someone You’re Dating?

Reader “Katie” asked me when I felt people who have just started dating should add each other on Facebook. This is a very interesting question, and potentially complicated. It depends both on how people utilize Facebook and how they date.

Ladies: Stop Bringing Extra People On Dates

We’re going to file this one under “Common Sense”… I’m watching Millionaire Matchmaker and Patti’s trying to hook this millionaire chick (MC) up with a date, right? So she tells the MC to let the guy plan the date…