President Obama Reelection Roadmap

I’m not seeing it anymore. I feel like the 2012 Republican nomination process has provided the blueprint / roadmap for the reelection of our current President, Barack Obama.

ok.. I’ve seen enough Republican tomfoolery to drop my overall prediction for how the 2012 Presidential election is going to go. >:D

As far as my predictions for New Hampshire, I was right that Romney was going to win (everybody knew that). I had hoped that Huntsman would edge out Paul, but he didn’t. I had thought that Santorum would be ahead of Gingrich, but he wasn’t. Perry was at the bottom, where he should have been, since he didn’t even campaign in New Hampshire, and Bachmann got 343 votes, even though she already dropped out of the race.

Here’s what I think is going to happen, going forward, which should result in the reelection of President Obama: Continue reading “President Obama Reelection Roadmap”