Stop Diluting Your Brand

Let’s say you have something that you do well. One thing. Just one. Next thing you know, you find out about Social Media and all the good things that are now available for everyone to take part in. Before you jump in the pool, consider that you might not be able to swim. Don’t get […]

Sarah Cooley – “Drawing The Line Between Personal And Brand”

Speaker: Sarah Cooley ( / @sarahcooley) Title: “Drawing The Line Between Personal And Brand” Date: March 19, 2009 Conference: “Social Media Jungle: New York City” #smjnyc Recorded By: Bill Cammack Formats available: iPod/g1 Video (.m4v) | MP3 Audio (.mp3)  

Personal Brand? No Crossover

I just read this article by Sarah Lacy where she describes part of her journey into becoming a brand and then attempting to leverage her new positions. The pivotal paragraph for me was: Sarah: That take-on-the-world morning, I was having coffee with Steven Levy, then of Newsweek, now of Wired, who challenged this whole idea […]