What Is Your Jobs Plan? [Part 02]

So it appears that the “Jobs Plan” is merely to remove the competition. Remove the low-level workers from the Minimum Wage jobs, and disallow high-level workers from remaining in the USA and contributing to our economy instead of whatever country they came from.

Continued from “What Is Your Jobs Plan? [Part 01]”

Voluntary Deportation

The problem is that the USA already *HAS* a society of working peasants. They’re called Illegal Immigrants.

Being that this entire land mass was originally inhabited by so-called “Indians” (because Columbus was *NOT* in India when he got here) and what are now known as Mexicans, which is why Eskimos north of the USA and Mexicans south of the USA don’t look too different from each other, the native inhabitants tend to leak back into this country.

Since they’re broke (poor, destitute), yet have skills in landscaping, carpentry, whatever, company owners know that they can pay them sub-Minimum-Wage rates, right here in America.

What are they gonna do? o_O Tell the cops and get deported? 😀 Continue reading “What Is Your Jobs Plan? [Part 02]”