Hire an Executive Producer (EP)

2007 International Emmy Award JudgingIf you’re going to make television shows, or at this point, shows for the web… SOMEBODY on your team needs to KNOW. HOW. TO. MAKE. TELEVISION. SHOWS!!! :/

If you cut this corner, your productions will look like trash, and deservedly so. Now you can’t say no one ever told you.

I was minding my business one day and got a call from some so-called television production company to come in and interview with them to create a pilot for this show they were trying to sell. They had received my name from someone I had worked with before, so I decided (against my better judgement, haha) to go see what they wanted.

This was back in the day, so I show up to this so-called television production company with tapes. Beta tapes & 3/4″, just in case they were so primitive as to still be using 3/4″. Of course, it turns out that they had NEITHER. No Beta Decks in-house and No 3/4″ decks. So, that was that for my demo materials. Of course, at this point in time, my demo reel is right here on my site ===> (see sidebar), and companies are encouraged to check it out before wasting my time. Continue reading “Hire an Executive Producer (EP)”

Bre Pettis: “History Hacker”

My friend, Bre Pettis made a TV show pilot episode called “History Hacker” which is going to air on the History Channel on Friday, September 26th at 9PM.

Bre Pettis on the set of History Hacker

Read about the show on Bre’s site => [link]

I know the show’s gonna be great, because Bre’s a brainiac as well as a cool and fun guy to hang out with. He cares so much about learning and teaching that I *KNOW* he poured it all into this show. I’m excited to see it! 😀

If anyone SHOULD have a show, it’s Bre! 😀

Bre Pettis & Bill Cammack

Here’s a video I filmed almost exactly a year ago (August 2007) where Bre explains Handmade Music Night @ Etsy Labs for my videoblog & community site, “RealFans.TV”.

Obviously, that was done on the fly, in one take, off the top of his head, so I’m sure that throwing a production and post team behind him to make “History Hacker” is going to yield an interesting and educational show.

Congrats, Bre! 😀

Bre Pettis, Bill Cammack & Lux Alptraum
Bre Pettis, Bill Cammack & Lux Alptraum

Check out Bre’s site to find out more about History Hacker.