CNBC’s “The Profit” Episode 315 Review

This week, “The Profit” went the way it usually does… Some dude started crying and then Marcus needed to psychoanalyze him.

This week, “The Profit” went the way it usually does… Some dude started crying and then Marcus needed to psychoanalyze him.

Granted, as a video editor (who has nothing to do with this show), I’m fully aware that people can be made to look crazy by how you arrange the footage. πŸ˜€ .. At one point in this episode, someone was speaking to Marcus, but when the camera cuts to where Marcus is supposed to be listening, his mouth is moving and we can’t hear him saying anything at all, so that was clearly some footage they just threw in there for effect.

Having said that, you could tell there was something wrong with the dude from how his business was being improperly run and what his actions were and were not when Marcus told him how to do things the right way. Continue reading “CNBC’s “The Profit” Episode 315 Review”

OMG!!! STFU!!! :(

“OMG STFU” stands for Oh my God… Shut The **** UP!!! πŸ™

This is how you feel when someone runs their mouth about something they shouldn’t have.

I saw this video on one of my Facebook Friends‘ walls just now: Continue reading “OMG!!! STFU!!! :(“

How To Clown Yourself

Make no mistake. This is not a post about how to CLONE yourself, but rather how to CLOWN yourself. Some guy caught feelin’s over what President Obama said in a speech the other night and screamed out “YOU LIE” while the President of The United States Of America was speaking. hahahahaha umÒ€¦ WHAT? hahahahahaha πŸ˜€

Here’s the video clip. Dude flips out at 1:28Ò€¦

Now.. The Kid don’t care about politics AT. ALL. Not AT ALL! πŸ˜€ However, are several lessons to be learned here.

Hold Your Head

First of all, what you want to do in any situation, especially a situation where you’re in public, especially a situation when you’re around people you do business with, especially in a situation where you’re around your superiors, especially when you were PRIVILEGED enough to be sitting in the same room with the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, hahaha you don’t want to forget who you are and what your station is in life.

If you’re a member of the House of Representatives and the President is talking, STFU.

If you’re a Private in the armed forces, and a General is talking, STFU.

If you’re an employee and the CEO is talking, STFU.

This is known as RESPECT. If people begin to believe that you don’t know how to respect your superiors, you will be shunned. Beleedat. Your superiors will see you as an insubordinate. Your peers will see you as a liability. Nobody wants to be the man next to the man that can’t control himself. Nobody wants to suffer guilt by association. Continue reading “How To Clown Yourself”

A Woman’s Place…

hahahaha No, No, No, “A Woman’s Place” is NOT in the kitchen, and certainly GOD FORBID, PREGNANT! πŸ˜€

“A Woman’s Place” is wherever she wants it to be. πŸ™‚ ….. Unfortunately, women need to be REALISTIC about the responsibilities they’re taking on if they choose to be the leader of the pack, or at least the relationship. In this age of shows like “Oprah” and (I hate to even mention) “Dr. Phil”, women’s heads are getting gassed up to the point that they actually believe their own hype and set themselves up for a sobering confrontation with reality.

I’m thinking about this because the other day, I was out with some friends, and I was trying to explain something, which ended up with me giving several examples of situations where it was extremely important that the woman listen to her man. My friend’s response was “ok… So you’re saying a woman needs to know her place”. I realized that I wasn’t explaining my position to her properly, so I started over and explained it in more general terms.

In any situation, whether it’s relationships or business, the STRONGEST person needs to be the leader. Period. Not necessarily PHYSICALLY stronger… Mentally stronger. Stronger in that particular field. Better rolodex. More influence. Faster at the same process. More gregarious. Whatever it is, it’s RETARDED to have “stronger” people following the lead of “weaker” people, in any case.

If you have a star quarterback, you don’t bench him for the third-string QB. You COULD… if you really wanted to, but since your goal is to WIN THE GAME, you want the best players front and center.

This is the point I was really trying to make… Not that the female should always follow the male, but that the “weaker” should always follow the “stronger” or the inferior should follow the superior. Privates don’t tell Generals what to do in the Army.

So the real question is, which one of you is “stronger” in the relationship? What about particular aspects of the relationship? If the guy makes more money and the gal is better at saving and investing it… everybody play your position and things will work out for the best. OTOH, if you INSIST on saying what happens with the money, because YOU brought it into the house, you’re an IDIOT if you know she can do it better than you.

Of course, all these things depend on being able to see reality and not falling prey to the illusions that you’re building your self-esteem on. If you believe that because you’re the guy, you’re automatically smarter and stronger and better, you might not be able to appreciate that your girl trumps you in certain areas, and you won’t have the most efficient relationship, because you’ll stifle her creativity when she comes up with ideas that you think are stupid, just becase YOU can’t comprehend what she’s saying. For women, I find in a lot of cases, they believe they can PHYSICALLY do things just because they can see themselves doing it in their mind’s eye. That’s REALLY, REALLY DANGEROUS for them, especially when coupled with the illusion that a man’s never going to hit a woman, so she can run off at the mouth and break bad all she wants without consequences and repercussions.

This is what led to a woman getting shot to death for saying “What are you going to do? Shoot us?” to some criminal that had already hit her boyfriend in the head with a gun.

I’ve seen this mentality lots of times, personally. I was talking to a female friend of mine who was dating this guy I knew. She was telling me about some aspect of their relationship she didn’t like, and then started telling me how she’d punch him in his face or smack him or beat him up or whatever ABSOLUTE NONSENSE she was spewing. Now, I know that when he was around her, he liked to play that “Romeo” role and be all nice and sweet, hahaha but I ALSO happened to know that he had had fights against SEVERAL. MEN. SIMULTANEOUSLY. Now, that’s not something that you mention to a chick you’re trying to have sex with (unless she’s into that Braveheart / Gladiator stuff), so she was probably oblivious to the fact that laying hands on him would have been EXTREMELY DANGEROUS for her and the only reason she wouldn’t get her ass KICKED is if HE *CHOSE* not to kick it.

These delusions are easily handled within a relationship, because if you know damned well she’s just running her mouth and isn’t actually going to hit you, it’s no big deal… you just ignore her, like usual. However, you can’t afford for her to start breaking bad to other dudes, thereby initiating unnecessary beefs that SHE isn’t going to be called upon to handle.

This is what brings us back to “A Woman’s Place”…

“A Woman’s Place” is wherever she wants it to be. If she’s the type of person to start problems, let her be the type of person to HANDLE those same problems. How many times have you seen women cause fights between men? Uh-Huh. Nope! πŸ˜€ Next time she jumps up in some dude’s face, let her throw the hands with him. You sit back with the popcorn and make sure nobody else jumps in if she gets the upper hand and starts mopping the floor with him.

Yes. I know. This is ENTIRELY unrealistic, because you will be immediately DUMPED right after the fight, hahaha. This is why guys go for this bullshit, because they’d rather be beaten up and get blown later than NOT get beaten up and NOT have a girl at the end of the day. :/

This is why the solution is not to TELL women what their place is, but to make sure you’re dating women who have a REALISTIC UNDERSTANDING of what their place is… and yours too…

Because if your girl can kick your ass, then you MIGHT wanna consider brushing up on your cooking lessons so you can make sure you have that DINNER on the table when she gets home from work! πŸ˜€


Pecking Order / Play Your Position

Guys don’t like to follow the rules when they try to meet girls in a group. There’s a pecking order which has been automatically determined by the individual characteristics of each of the guys YOU chose to hang out with on this particular run. Whether you know it or not, what’s going to happen for you this evening is not just LUCK, but it’s also a function of the ‘team’ you’ve assembled. TEAM is in quotes, because it’s usually actually a motley crew, and there’s really no TEAMWORK involved in the entire evening. My suggestion is that you a) Figure out your standing amongst your homeboys, b) Play Your Position and c) Act Like You Know! πŸ˜€

Wikipedia has this to say about Dominance Hierarchies:

A dominance hierarchy or social hierarchy is an organizational form by which individuals within a community control the distribution of resources within the community. Dominance hierarchies are formed when a group of individuals belonging to the same species share a territory.

Dominance hierarchies can be despotic or linear. In a despotic hierarchy, one individual controls all the other individuals. In a linear hierarchy, of which the classic example of pecking order in hens is often cited, each individual has a rank in the hierarchy.

Dominance hierarchies occur in most social animal species, including primates who normally live in groups. Dominance hierarchies have been extensively studied in fish, birds, and mammals. Dominance hierarchies can be simple linear structures, which often arise from the physical differences among individuals in a group in relation to their access to resources. They are also influenced by the complex social interactions among individuals in the group.

Like I said, the dominance hierarchy is set up automatically. It’s merely the difference between who YOU are, and who the guy next to you is. You don’t have to agree to it or even LIKE it. It’s a fact. Forget about the guys you don’t even know that are going to be there… Depending on whom you hang out with, you might be bringing your worst competition WITH YOU to the party. πŸ˜€ This is why the intelligent group knows who the top dogs are and acts accordingly.

While this article’s mainly for the fellaz, it applies to the chicks also. If you *INSIST* on hanging out with girls magnitudes more physically attractive than you are, do NOT expect to be the first chick rapped to when you meet a bunch of guys… EVAR! πŸ˜€ Life isn’t fair. It’s not HER TURN this week and YOUR TURN next week, hahaha it’s ALWAYS *HER* turn. Recognize… and Act Like You Know. πŸ™‚

Your social life will be much better when you realize and accept your position in the crew. You can stop banging your head against brick walls and ease back and enjoy the perks of NOT being the team leader. Your role is support. You’re there to assist the team leader in MAKING IT HAPPEN! What you are *NOT* there to do is battle with the top dog(s) for girls you will never pull over them in the first place.

The way we live in the USA, and especially in New York City, everybody wants the best of everything. This leads to massive amounts of competition. Kickin’ it to chicks is no exception. Every gal you meet has a specific set of likes and dislikes she’s consciously or subconsciously operating from. Off the bat, you’re at an advantage or disadvantage compared to the next man. Does that mean you CAN’T get the rap if you start out on the losing end? Hellz Naw! πŸ˜€ You’ll be in a much better position to operate if you recognize the game and play it where it lays.

You lose if:

  • She likes taller guys and you’re shorter
  • She likes athletic guys and you’re out of shape
  • She likes rich guys and you’re broke
  • She likes original guys and you’re derivative
  • She likes smart guys and you’re an idiot
  • She likes funny guys and your jokes are dry as hell
  • He’s driving a Caddy, you’re fixin’ a Ford

You get the picture. Now if the guy trumping you isn’t a friend of yours, you’re in for a loooooong night if you still insist on trying to pull that female. If he IS your friend, then all you need is some strategy. Unfortunately for you, not being the top dog, that “strategy” might mean you don’t get the rap to that chick AT.ALL! haha However, for playing your position and facilitating the rap of the team leader, you will receive perks… trickle-down… the extra chicks that flock to the team leader, but can’t kick it to him because their girl is trying to get on! πŸ˜€

Sometimes, trickle-down is the BEST THING EVER!!! Sometimes, the hottest chicks aren’t there yet when you and your crew arrive. As soon as the team leaders choose ladies to rap to, they’re locked in. When that better-looking homegirl shows up, the leaders have to “eat that” and introduce them to the guys that have been holding off the cockblockers for them. hahahahaha CHA-CHING!!! $$$$$ πŸ˜€

If you refuse to play your position and take what you can get, you make things tougher for ALL of your friends to get on. Sure, healthy competition’s good when you first walk in the door, but when you see she’s digging your friend, step to the left and let him get some light. When you see that extra chick eyeballing his conversation, take one for the team and go over there and distract her. Meanwhile, the team leader will see if the gal he’s talking to has a hawt sister or cousin available for you.

The Kid learned this lesson the hard way one day, hahaha. About five of us had descended upon these chicks in a McDonald’s, and I was probably 4th on the totem pole, meaning second from the LAST GUY that should have gotten a rap from those chicks, hahaha. IIRC, the top three guys rolled up on the same girl, or maybe two girls and I had a clear shot to this other one, so I sat down and started saying whatever garbage was in my repertoire at the time.

All of a sudden, from over my left shoulder, MY WORST NIGHTMARE APPEARS, the #1!… Boom! He sits down and starts talking to this chick that I was OOOOOBVIOUSLY talking to solo and her attention disappeared from me, immediately! It was like somebody activated “The Cones of Silence” or like I had disappeared or something. I couldn’t BELIEVE it. I was sooooo mad! πŸ˜€

However, upon tactical discussion after the fact, it became clear to me that a) I hadn’t physically imposed myself upon her position enough for it to look like I was doing anything other than distracting her from the main rap, as the wingman’s *supposed* to do, and b) Just because I got there first didn’t mean she wanted to talk to ME more than the team leader, so the fact that she was so easily distracted meant that I should have just played my position and given him room to operate.

OTOH, sometimes, it’s just The Kid’s day, and there’s nothing anybody can do to stop the bum rush! πŸ˜€ If it’s ON, it’s ON… Which is why I can write stuff like this all year ’round, and I’ll STILL have more female friends than most of y’all have family members! πŸ˜€

Michelle, Marissa, Bill & Lindsey

Anyway… It’s a tough pill to swallow, but trust & believe, it’s in your best interest. Assess your situation, go for what you want, but make sure you have contingency plans. You might have your heart SET on “chick A”, but if she’s feelin’ your homeboy, stop catchin’ feelin’s, facilitate his rap, back his play, associate with the next chick…

Who knows? Looks aren’t everything. You might be getting the better deal! πŸ˜€