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Bill CammackI had a conversation a few days ago with a friend who asked me what I thought about blogging / podcasting / creating video content, specifically as it pertains to viewership and even more specifically as it pertains to NUMBERS of viewers for content we post to the internet. Continue reading “Blog Subscribers, Commenters, Lurkers & Passers-By”

“Street Game” Production Notes

Street Game Production Notes

I just completed a 5-part audio project entitled “Street Game”. The episodes are embedded here, in chronological order. Playing Episode 01 will play all five in order:

Frank, one of my top commenters on my DatingGenius dating blog was the inspiration for this particular project. I rarely find comments amusing, funny or progressive compared to what I personally know about “the game” (getting girls, whatever), but I found myself consistently laughing, learning and THINKING after I would read Frank’s comments on my blog posts. I was reminded of back in the day when my friends and I would spend hour upon hour kickin’ it about what we learned in the trenches with chicks, coming up with new techniques and throwing out techniques that TOTALLY didn’t produce for us! 😀 I wanted to bring the flavor of that to the net, and I got way more than I expected. Continue reading ““Street Game” Production Notes”

Street Game 02: Female Players vs Male Players

Listen / Download => Street Game 02: Female Players vs Male Players (.mp3) [13:43]

Bill & Frank’s audio podcast derived from the DatingGenius dating advice blog.

More Episodes:

Street Game 01: Denial & Experience

Listen / Download => Street Game 01: Denial & Experience (.mp3) [7:32]

Bill & Frank’s audio podcast derived from the DatingGenius dating advice blog.

Please leave comments/questions/suggestions below in the comments section of this post. This is an evolving project, so your opinion might help us make a better show! 😀

Part 01 of a multi-part episode…..

More Episodes:

Street Game

Bill Cammack - Channeling What Women Want!What’s up, y’all? 😀

Those of you who are regular readers already know who “Frank” is, haha. He and I recorded an audio podcast this evening that I’ll be editing into episodes for release here in the DatingGenius blog under the show name & category “Street Game”.

The first few episodes are already recorded, but we’re going to be looking for feedback and reader questions, comments and perhaps call-in participation, depending on how the project goes, so stay tuned!

I’ve actually shunned the audio medium, opting to use either text or video. I now see certain advantages to using just audio, such as people being able to listen to the show on more players than they could see videos on and not needing to look at the show while it’s going on, so they can play it in the background while they have other windows open on their browsers or whatever.

Thanks to Frank for jumpin’ in on this experiment with me. For those of you interested in technical information, I used skype, and Frank was on his phone. I’m not sure what direction “Street Game” will go in, but that’s part of the fun. Right now, I’m thinking it’s going to be a daily show. It might be better weekly. We’ll find out.

Anyway… I know we had fireworks yesterday… Get ready for SOME MORE! 😀 hahahaha


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