Donald Trump Is Playing With You Because He Knows You Don’t Count

Every single day for the past I don’t know how long, somebody’s been surprised at something Donald Trump said. What’s funny about this is that Trump doesn’t even want to be POTUS.

How Are *YOU* Going To Prosper in 2013?

Make sure you consider YOUR OWN best interests when you vote for PotUS in November, 2012.

Republican GOP Presidential Candidate Debate 2011 [Part 01]

The first Republican GOP (“Grand Old Party”) Presidential Candidate Debate of the 2011 season aired last night. I wouldn’t normally… ok.. I have never watched something like this in my entire life, because I don’t care. Ultimately, there will be a Republican selected to run against President Obama, who will win or lose. That’s how […]

Women Love Voters! – RockStar 0002

Formats Available: iPod (.mp4) Election day is tomorrow… November 04, 2008. Make sure you get out and vote for the candidate of your choice. If you don’t choose the next President of the United States of America, somebody else will choose him FOR you. Make sure you feel good about yourself for the next four […]