Jersey Shore Italy Season Predictions

Jersey Shore was filmed in Italy this season. Of course, this doesn’t make any sense, because a) three of them aren’t even Italian, and b) none of them except for Vinny actually SPEAKS Italian. It also doesn’t make any sense, because just like they didn’t get any play in Miami, because no chicks are checkin’ […]

Baratunde On Popular Science’s “Future Of…”

Watch / Download => iPhone/gPhone Video (.mp4) Bill Cammack congratulates Baratunde Thurston at the premiere viewing party for Baratunde’s new television show, Popular Science’s “Future Of…”

“Makeover Manor” This Sunday @ 8:30pm!

An episode I edited of “Makeover Manor” is premiering this Sunday night @ 8:30pm on the TV One cable network. Episode 02: “Tamara Williams” => [Makeover Manor episode list] Where you can see it => [TV One local channel listings] Post Facility => [RIOT Productions]