Logic 9 Pedalboard

Bill Cammack demonstrates Logic 9’s “Pedalboard” guitar effects processor. Vintage Drive, Rawk Distortion & Robo Flanger.

Available Formats: SD Quicktime (.m4v)

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GarageBand Guitar Effects [Part 01]

Bill Cammack (billcqc.com) demonstrates how to use the software guitar processing effects in Apple’s GarageBand music program.
Formats available: SD mP4 (.m4v)

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Digital Video Data Rate

First of all, I’d like to thank Lynne D. Johnson for the opportunity to blog as a Fast Company Expert.

There are many reasons a particular digital video might not run well, or at all, on your computer. You might not have enough processor speed. Your video card might not be able to handle the task. You may not have the necessary codec installed. If you can see and hear the video, but it doesn’t run smoothly, your best bet is to lower the data rate. It might seem that the answer lies in decreasing the frame size. A smaller video should run more smoothly than a larger video, right?

In most cases, digital video being presented on a computer or over the internet has been compressed. By definition, the video you are watching is “smaller” than the original video. It’s smaller in size (perhaps 320×240 when the original was 640×480), but it’s also smaller in file size, or the amount of space it takes up on your drive. The parameter that limits your frame size is independent of the parameter that limits your data rate. If you decrease the frame size without decreasing the data rate, you end up with a video with a smaller viewing size that takes up the exact same amount of space on your drive.

Data rate is measured in kbps (kilobits per second or thousands of bits per second). You can set a data rate limit when you compress a digital video. If you leave the frame size the same as the problematic compression attempt and decrease the data rate, you end up with a smaller file size as well as a video that demands less processing power.

Eventually, you’ll get the video down to a manageable data rate for your computer. Hopefully, the video still looks good. If it doesn’t (since there’s now much less data per second making up each frame), you have the choices of either decreasing your frame size or decreasing your frame rate to get the visual quality where you want it now that you’ve dealt with your performance issues.

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Having just watched Beach Walk #192 again, I realize now that the audio skipped the first time I listened to it. I mean, I knew the audio was skipping (probably because of something taking processor cycles on my computer), but I didn’t figure I missed any of the point of Rox’s videoblog. I missed two words. I missed “with” and I missed “us”.

The difference that it makes is that it transforms the sentence “get something going” into “get something going with us“. 🙂 The rest of the conversation in the blog was left vague, intentionally, so Rox could make her point without spilling any of her beans, so I carried my context with me as I watched the video.

My comments are the same, except I see the question more as a business issue, involving whomever “us” is, rather than a relationship issue.

I think context is important, and especially tough to decipher over the internet. There’s not a lot you can do other than TYPE LARGE and “use quotes” and smileys 🙂 :/ 🙁 to attempt to ‘flavor’ your conversation. People can take what they THOUGHT a communication was about and run with it, to the point of building complex scenarios on top of something that never existed in the first place. I mean… you sign off of AIM thinking you typed “I love you” to a chick, but you actually typed “I lose you”, and she goes around crying to anyone that will listen about how you’re dumping her! 😀 That is… until you call her on the phone later on, wondering if you can see her and she has a fit until she calms down enough to tell you what you did wrong to her and everyone finds out there was a one-letter misunderstanding.

I think people should strive to get to know each other so context becomes less of a factor because they have a good understanding of the other person’s way of being towards them.

The more you know…..