Games Without Frontiers

Nobody intentionally procreates with someone dumber than they are.

Let’s talk about reality for a second, here. 😀

There’s this article entitled “Childish men are to blame for women having kids late in life”.

This is dumb right off the bat.

Right from the title, it doesn’t make any sense.

It’s similar to mothers who blame their extremely young kids when they freak out and scream at them.

If you can’t outwit a baby, the problem is with *YOU*, not the baby.

I’ve seen chicks in the street screaming at kids strapped into strollers.

I’ve wanted to ask them “Are you crazy? o_O”

Except I knew they were crazy because they were screaming at the top of their lungs at a baby that doesn’t even understand English, so I kep’ it movin’. Continue reading “Games Without Frontiers”

“Inept Technique”

Reader Derek writes (in response to “How To Please Your Woman”):

I say – draw a compromise (and know you Bill, you already have a article on this already). Do some of the things she ask correctly, and f-up the rest. That way, she’ll think twice about asking you do something for her – requests won’t just flow like water.

Thanks for the interesting idea, Derek. 🙂 Unfortunately, “Inept Technique” won’t have the correct effect or send the proper message to the woman in question.

The man is the leader of the relationship. This is evidenced by the age-old saying “… wears the pants in the family”. You will notice that there’s no saying “… wears the dress in the family”, and if there were, it would have a negative connotation and not a positive one. Without going into the long, drawn-out explanation for this again… All women have a finite number of eggs in their body which, when released during ovulation, can be fertilized to produce a child. Men, OTOH can procreate anytime they feel like it, as much as they feel like it. Therefore, WOMEN have to be much more selective with what they do with their limited opportunities to procreate.

This is why women seek out men better than them. You’ll notice that (in general) women gravitate towards men who make more money than they do and have developed more prestige in life up to the point that they start dating. On the surface, this is because they don’t want to consider themselves “slumming” by going out with someone they feel is “beneath them”. Biologically, it’s because they want their children to be as good as them or better, so why in the hell would a woman strive to procreate with a man she feels is inferior to her?

*This* is why “Inept Technique” doesn’t work. I mean, it does what it’s supposed to do, because it gets her to do things herself instead of asking you to do stuff you’re not interested in. However, simultaneously, the guy demonstrates to the girl that he’s an idiot. She says “take out the trash”, he agrees and then takes it out of the can and then leaves it at the door to the kitchen, then goes back and watches the game. She has no choice, but to complete the task of taking out the trash, *BUT* dude has just chipped away at the superiority she’s dating him for in the first place. Eventually, she goes “Who *IS* this idiot I’m with, and why would I want to have kids with *HIM*?”. That’s when your whole jooks falls apart, and the next thing you know, she’s up under the next man. 🙂

Too Bad… So Sad…

This could all have been avoided if the guy had ignored her completely from the giddyap. The trash would still be in the can, and she would have been mad, except she wouldn’t feel superior. In fact, she’d feel INFERIOR, because this is yet another instance where she’s proven to herself that she has no say in what he does, whatsoever. If she considers herself to be an intelligent woman (and what woman doesn’t? 🙂 …) since SHE can’t move you, she’ll figure nobody else can either, so while she’s mad at you, she’s simultaneously happy that she’s not with some herb who’ll just do whatever anyone tells him to do. As much as she detests it… BIOLOGICALLY, she’ll sweat you more than if you had taken out the garbage, and WAY MORE than if you had SCREWED UP taking out the garbage.

Ignoring her also sets up the easy transition into “make-up sex”. If you try “Inept Technique”, you don’t end up getting laid, because she’ll figure you might not be able to do THAT right, either.