Social & Professional Relevance

Erosion of Perceived Relevance is potentially devastating.


I first considered professional relevance when I was a database programmer.

I realized that without the program I was creating, they would have needed actual people to do the job that I was making the computer do.


A lot of people in a lot of places, including London, Tokyo, New York, and Chicago.

Yet and still, there I was doing the job by myself in a Manhattan hi-rise for like one millionth of the cost of employing all those people who used to do “my” job.

I didn’t think about this for long because it wasn’t my problem, but I think I carried that lesson with me throughout my professional careers.

Depending on what it is that you do, that job may go out of style next year, 5 years from now, or 10 years from now, and then what are you going to do? o_O Continue reading “Social & Professional Relevance”