Only Date People Better Than YOU! :D

As you know if you’ve been following this column over the last 6 months, DatingGenius doesn’t “date”. The term “dating” implies progression. It’s like something Richie Cunningham or Potsie Weber might do. You see a chick and you want her, but you’re not willing to let her know what time it is, so you beat […]

Joost for Mac build pulled

The Joost for Mac build was pulled today [link: 19/02/07: Mac build pulled]. Fortunately, I already have mine. 😀 Basically, the idea behind Joost is video on demand with extras like widgets for a clock, jabber chat, chat with others on the same channel you’re watching, the ability to rate the video you’re watching, a […]

Rox interview on PulverTV’s “Focus”

So I’m browsing around my uni-directional friends list on, and I decided to check out David Kowarsky‘s show, PulverTV’s “Focus”. David reviews internet shows in his video blog. I had seen an episode of “Focus” while browsing‘s list of recent (at the time) uploads. Some time later, I met David @ the Pulver […]