Dating Instinct [Hunters, Part 16]

I tend to take a lot of pictures with a lot of different women. One of the funny side effects of that is that guys assume that the women are random. In fact, I’m in very few pictures with women I don’t personally know. I just happen to know a lot of women. This is […]

Speed, Primetime, & Downtime [Hunters, Part 15]

A reader recently left this comment on my blog: I only had a problem with one thing you said: “Iā€™m not famous. I can pull chicks just by walking into a party. I can go +4 or +5 on Facebook (exchange contact information) in less than an hour.” YEAH RIGHT Bill. Now.. Obviously, this was […]

Teach Me How To Study!!!

I love this! haha šŸ˜€ Teach me how to study! Can you teach me how to study? All my teachers love me! You ain’t messin’ with my STUDY!!! >:D “Teach me how to Dougie” Remixed by 8th grade students @ Celerity Nascent Charter School located in the heart of Los Angeles. Concept.. Shot.. Directed.. and […]