Life Isn’t Fair

OK Fellaz, let’s get down to brass tacks here. The way “dating” is set up in patriarchal society, it’s up to YOU, as the guy, to run the show. YOU kick it to the chick, she decides whether to give you some or not. You make the money. You make the decisions. You’re the “head […]


NO SITTING ON COUCHES!!!… NONE! :/ Here’s the deal, fellaz… Kicking it to chicks is a PROCESS. It takes TIME. It takes TECHNIQUE! 😀 If you’re running game @ a party, and you find yourself chickless @ 2:30am, you are now in PANIC-MODE. DEFCON-1!!! [wikipedia: This refers to maximum readiness. It is not certain whether […]

Episode 02 In The Can

My lines are done for “The Lab” Episode 02. It wasn’t as ‘bad’ as doing the lines for Episode 01, but now I know why actors take so many drugs. There’s a positive high that comes with ‘wrapping’. There’s also a negative drain on your system as you release the character you were portraying for […]