Real Relationships

One of the reasons I find it so funny (read: PATHETIC) that a lot of people run around in these obviously-fake “relationships” is that I’ve experienced REAL relationships of both the friendly and romantic varieties, and I can feel the difference between the two.

Real relationships are based on acceptance. Fake relationships are based on limitations. Continue reading “Real Relationships”

Who’s Harsher, Who’s Harsh?

A reader told me yesterday that she felt a a post of mine was harsh.

In a way, I agreed with her.

In a way, I didn’t.

Dream On

Unfortunately, in life, sometimes the facts of the matter are jarring, hard to hear, and/or unpleasant to consider. This doesn’t make any of these facts less true. What you feel about them doesn’t matter at all. It doesn’t change the situation. Continue reading “Who’s Harsher, Who’s Harsh?”

Judgement (Political Correctness)

One of the reasons why Political Correctness (PC) doesn’t work is that it doesn’t stop anybody from thinking what they’re thinking. It only stops people from SAYING what they’re thinking. Continue reading “Judgement (Political Correctness)”

Online Dating (False Advertising)

A homegirl of mine was just victimized by the most egregious case of online dating false advertising I’ve ever heard of! 😀 .. WOW!.. I mean, it was horrific. Some people ought to be absolutely ashamed and embarrassed about how they present themselves online vs. how they actually are in real life (IRL). Continue reading “Online Dating (False Advertising)”

Deleting People From Facebook

Bill CammackBeing connected with people on social networks like Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare has taken on a new importance in people’s lives in 2010 AD.

It used to be a frivolous decision whether to add someone as a “friend” or not. It used to be similarly unimportant whether you deleted someone after becoming friends with them. Those days are over. 🙂 Friending and unfriending people is serious business now, as people’s IRL lives spill over into their online presence and “art” begins to imitate life… Continue reading “Deleting People From Facebook”

Authenticity: The Matrix

* I started this on October 21st, my birthday, but I had so many Happy Birthday messages to reply to (Thank You, Everyone! :D) that I didn’t get back to this post until today. *
Liz Burr & Bill Cammack
Liz Burr & Bill Cammack

New Year’s Day

I’m sitting here answering all of my birthday messages on Facebook. I appreciate them all and I personally feel that if someone took the time to comment on my Facebook page or on or on my Twitter page, it’s the VERY. LEAST. I. CAN. DO. to reply to them directly and as swiftly as possible. I’m not a fan of people’s styles who post something and then have ZERO presence in their comments. That says to me that you’re talking AT people instead of talking WITH people. I’m not a fan of that.

This is going to be a calm year for me. I can tell already. My life goes in cycles… one year HECTIC!!! and the next year calm. I feel very “smoothed out” this morning and I’m thinking about the concept of “giving”. The birthday gift the cosmos have handed me this morning is a really good grasp on what I think about people giving things, even free things like blog comments or birthday wishes or even holding the door open for someone to walk through. I have a matrix I’d like to share with you, based on that enlightenment.

The Matrix

The elements of the matrix are:

  • What you have
  • Whether you WANT TO give it to me or not
  • Whether you ACTUALLY give it to me or not

Continue reading “Authenticity: The Matrix”