Internet Addiction or Overuse?

Bill Cammack, Star & Neal Downing @ the RealFans.TV kickoff party I read Eric Woods‘ article, “I think I may be addicted to the Internet” on March 8th, 2009 and I’m writing my blog response more than two months later, on May 19th, 2009, because I’ve been too busy on the internet to address it […] members sell their business!!! :D members Joshua Kinberg (Realfans Facebook member) & Jay Dedman are two of the founders of FireAnt, a computer application (called an “app”) that enables users to subscribe to, download, and play video podcasts. According to TechCrunch [link], FireAnt’s assets were acquired by Odeo for $400,000. Congrats, Fellas!!! 😀 Josh Kinberg’s thoughts on the acquisition: […]