KR3TS – ReelSolidTV ep17

Song: “Tease” Artist: Kelly ( Video performed by Firestarter from KR3Ts ( A&B Camera: Krys G., Bill C. Edit: Bill C. Coming back from the “Cover Shot billboard” shoot, V pumped Kelly’s “Tease” CD??. Original Release: August 02, 2006 [link] Re-Released for NewInNovember Formats available:Quicktime (.mov)  

316 Reelsolid.TV s03 ep034 – “New Spirit”

Mix, entitled “New Spirit”. From original videos Beating The Little Hater and Ballad of The Little Hater. Formats available: iPod (.mp4) | Audio (.mp3) My friend Jay Smooth does a video blog he named When I first found out about ill doctrine, I was like Aw Man! It’s On NOW!!! 😀 I intended […]

I’m Gonna Be Like Walt!

Walt Ribeiro does a new video every single day… Like “Rejected”: Meanwhile, I have at the very least *100* show ideas, and I’m not doing ANY of them. Not ONE of them. The last video I uploaded was “Social Media Observations”, almost exactly two months ago: Formats available: iPod (.mp4) | 720p HD (.mp4) Out […]