War. Class. Honor. Respect. [Re: The 2016 Al Smith Dinner]

Whenever you hear of Barbarians, they aren’t inside the castle…. They’re at the gates.

I just watched Trump bomb at The Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner.

By “bomb”, I mean Trump got booed for quite a while, several times during his speech.

Because of his performance tonight, I’m now positive that Trump will *never* be the President of the United States of America.

Time will tell whether I’m correct or not. I think he’s going to get completely wiped out by Hillary in an embarrassing fashion on November 8th.

Here’s why my belief increased from being 80% sure to being 99% sure: Continue reading “War. Class. Honor. Respect. [Re: The 2016 Al Smith Dinner]”

Relationship Blackmail

I was having this conversation the other day and I happened to mention that I usually invite several females to the same party. The guy I was telling this to reacted in a shocked fashion, as if I had said something amazing, incredible, or what seemed to him to be a really bad idea.

In fact, it’s perfectly efficient to invite multiple women because some of them are going to decline the invitation. Some of them are going to flake out and not show up. Some are going to show up early and leave. Some are going to show up later. The only ‘trick’ to the technique is that you have to be sure that all of your invitees will get along, just in case they actually all DO show up (which never happens). Continue reading “Relationship Blackmail”