Sexting? Seriously? :/

“Sexting” is the word they made up for people that text to each other about sex. I thought I knew what that meant, but I found out I totally didn’t. 😀 For maybe the fifth time, I thought this Tiger Woods fiasco was over and I had really stopped thinking about it, especially since the […]

Sex Addiction Therapy & Rehab?

First things First… There are Sex Addicts and there are guys that like to ****. There are guys that like to **** several chicks consecutively or simultaneously. There are guys that would **** all day if they could. There are guys that would **** on a box, near a fox, or while eating Green Eggs […]

Are you a Sex Addict or just a FREAK?!?!

David Duchovny made the news recently for entering a rehabilitation facility for sex addiction. This made me wonder how it’s determined that someone’s a sex addict. Nowadays, the scheme is to make everything a disease so they can sell you the medication to fix yourself. You’re not MAD AS HELL… you have anger management issues. […]