end of days…..

On December 31, 2006, almost 10 months ago, I decided I was going to do a text blog. I needed a title, since I didn’t want it to be called “Bill’s Blog”… *YAWN* As I searched my mind for a title that meant something to me at the time, “Wasted Days” is what I decided […]

Jonny’s Par-tay!

I’m the guest on Jonny Goldstein’s “Jonny’s Par-tay” tomorrow night (Wednesday August 8th) LIVE between 9pmEST and 9:40pmEST @ http://jonnygoldstein.com/. Jonny’s setting up a real-time text chat, so come on down and get your questions in as we disuss MSM, PEOPLE-CREATED media and some videoblogging community current events. 🙂 AND… Just in case you think […]

Bill Cammack to Team SCRIGGITY!

Effective immediately, Bill Cammack joins Drew Olanoff as a member of “Team SCRIGGITY“. 😀 When I first got involved in videoblogging, a little over a year ago, I used to troll blip.tv‘s recent uploads to get ideas about shows that I thought were good. One of those shows was Jonny Goldstein’s “Reinventing Television” (reinventingtv.phovi.com). I […]

Reinventing Television: Final Episode (Nov 30)

@ the end of tonight’s show, Jonny announced that this was the final episode of Reinventing Television. I think the format, concept and hosting of the show was great, and actually a reinvention of television. On television, you might get to see Britney Spears on a closed-set talk show, emoting to a hand-picked interviewer with […]