Power & Loss

This is a reply to a comment that reader JS left on “Why Women Have To Be Attractive And Men Don’t”. I thought he had some interesting points and complaints and wanted to make this its own post:

Excellent write-up, JS. Thank you for the detailed comment. 🙂

I’m going to try to list your points so I can respond. Please let me know if I misunderstand what you’re saying:

  1. Men don’t have any power in “the dating game”, because women have the power to reject AND choose.
  2. Women go for men they find facially attractive, so if you have that, you’re golden.. Otherwise, you’re “short”.
  3. Women say raunchy things about men and wanting to give it up to the guys they think are visually attractive.
  4. When women get older, they start to lose their sexiness and therefore lose the only power they had over men in the first place.
  5. Men are at a severe disadvantage, from youth through middle age if they’re not handsome.

ok… As far as men being at a disadvantage, EVERYONE’S at a disadvantage if they’re less physically or visually attractive than the next person. I discussed this over a year ago, in February 2008, in “Life Isn’t Fair”. You’re saying that guys are at a disadvantage when it comes to women in general. I’m saying guys have a disadvantage when it comes to other guys and gals have a disadvantage when it comes to other gals. Life is just BETTER for attractive people. It’ll never be different. Continue reading “Power & Loss”

IRL Griefers [Part 2]

… continued from IRL Griefers [Part 1]

Long story short… Griefers are to be avoided at all costs, in-game or IRL. Much time is wasted listening to their ridiculous concepts that have not a single foot planted in reality. They’re completely ineffective because they spend time reacting to themselves instead of the environment around them. More time is wasted trying to get them on the right track so you can do what YOU went out to do. Your nerves will be shot from attempting to predict potential beefs because of their dumb-ass ways of being that COMPLETELY DISREGARD your safety, desires, well-being or your having a good time. It’s like babysitting, srsly. :/ Pathetic.

People evolve at different rates and to different degrees. Sometimes, you just have to let it go. It’s hard to do, especially when you actually LIKE the people in question… However, sometimes, that same person is so self-centered and/or self-destructive that the only thing that’s going to occur for you through continued association is your untimely demise. Wish them the best… Hope and pray for their well being and success… Then step to the left, and Do You.

One of the things I enjoy about social media is the checks & balances. When you share 100 acquaintances with someone else, there’s almost a ZERO PERCENT CHANCE that all 100 of those people will have the wrong impression of you or the other person. I knew this, but couldn’t really FEEL it until contemplating the events of the night I’m blogging about now. I can’t say that from the time that I got involved in this community during 2006, up until now, that I’ve been introduced to someone who’s a stone-cold jerk. I can’t remember NOT having a decent time going out to social media events. If you cut up and act the fool, *EVERYBODY*S going to know about it. If you claim you can do things you can’t do, EVERYBODY’S going to know about it. If you mistreat people, EVERYBODY’S going to know about it.

On top of all that, *nobody* wants to be responsible for introducing their social media friends to some JERK so that their reputation can be dragged through the mud along with the actual offender.

So keep your eye out for the tell-tale signs so you can detect and reject IRL Griefers ASAP.