Responsibilities in Relationships

Single Life

Just two days ago, I was out to brunch with a friend and somehow, the topic of video games came up. I think I was explaining to her what I felt the value was of being yourself from the giddyap instead of doing what other people wanted you to do so they’d be willing to hang out with you. Continue reading “Responsibilities in Relationships”

I’m Only A Man [RW:DC, Part 01]

One of my most popular posts is 2008’s “How To Break Up With Your Girl”. It seems like every single day, somebody wants to know how to break up with a girl….

***** SPOILER ALERT for Real World: DC ***** If you don’t want to know what happened last night, stop reading now! ๐Ÿ˜€


Being a professional at getting rid of chicks while maximizing their potential to feel good about it, I was sitting there like :O watching Josh dump his girlfriend on RW:DC last night. It was horrific. It was brutal.

I know how brutal it was because I did just about the exact same thing back in the day. Continue reading “I’m Only A Man [RW:DC, Part 01]”

Wingman Responsibilities [Hunters, Part 01]

Mike, Snooki, Pauly 'Jersey Shore'One of the reasons I really enjoyed MTV’s “Jersey Shore” is that they finally showed the lifestyle of what I call “Hunters”. Pauly & Mike were hunters, at least at the time that show was taped. They were down for the game. Fresh (new) chicks every night. They had a couple of repeat chicks, but for the most part, they were struggling to see what they could do every day and that’s what hunting’s all about.

Hunting isn’t for everybody. A lot of guys are looking to land the best chick they can get and retire. That’s what Ronnie did. He definitely COULD have hunted if he wanted to, but he didn’t want to. ๐Ÿ˜€ He sold out for the guaranteed daily lay with a chick that floated his boat and there’s nothing wrong with THAT! ๐Ÿ˜€ ‘Matter of fact, it looked like Mike was hating himself for having his hands on Sammi first and blowing it by pulling more random chicks to hop in the hot tub and make out. Had he realized his error earlier, it might have been “The Situation” that sold out and Ronnie & Pauly hunting. Continue reading “Wingman Responsibilities [Hunters, Part 01]”

Social Media Responsibility and Ethics

Social Media Responsibility and Ethics

So the other day, I took some pictures (so what’s new?), except one of the chicks we were hanging out with wasn’t feeling confident about her looks.

There were some general shots that she happened to be in, but then when she was asked to specifically be in a pic (not with me, haha so let’s not start with the “Maybe it was YOU?” ๐Ÿ˜€ ), she declined, saying that she wasn’t photogenic.

* This actually happened to be incorrect, but that’s an image and self-esteem topic, having nothing to do with ethics…. *


So I had told the group I was going to share the pictures with them. When I reviewed the set the next day, I realized that there were a couple of pictures that the non-photogenic chick (I guess I’ll call her NPC) hadn’t “signed off” on. Continue reading “Social Media Responsibility and Ethics”

Who Spat On Michael Arrington?

Michael Arrington is the founder of TechCrunch, a leading “tech blog”. This morning, he wrote “Some Things Need To Change”, in which he describes being at the DLD Conference in Munich, Germany and having someone approach him, spit on him and walk away in a crowd of people.

Michael: Yesterday as I was leaving the DLD Conference in Munich, Germany someone walked up to me and quite deliberately spat in my face. Before I even understood what was happening, he veered off into the crowd, just another dark head in a dark suit. People around me stared, then looked away and continued their conversation.

* Normally, I wouldn’t Ambulance-Chase something like this, but comments were turned off on the actual post, so I’m writing about it here.

Of course, there’s lots of speculation about WHY this occurred. Most of the blogs I’ve read so far label the guy (I assume, being that it was a tech conference, and as far as I can tell from the pics from these things, females are few and far between) as someone who was upset with TechCrunch’s coverage or LACK OF COVERAGE of their startup. Of course, we’ll never know ANYTHING about the perp until someone takes responsibility for spitting on him.

I think we can safely assume that the guy knew who he was spitting on, assuming this happened inside the conference and not outside. According to this post, Arrington is 6’4″ (six feet, four inches tall), so he must be pretty easy to spot in a crowd.

Michael: “Yesterday I was battling the flu, jetlag and little sleep, and had been battered for three days straight with product pitches from entrepreneurs desperate for press. The event was over and I was on my way back to my hotel. The last thing I wanted was another product pitch as I hurried to the car that would drive me to Davos for the next event. So when I saw this person approach me out of the corner of my eye, I turned away slightly and avoided eye contact. Sometimes that works. But in this case all it did was make me vulnerable to the last thing I expected.”

So, again, we can assume this was a guy, because it wasn’t stated otherwise. We can assume he knew who he was spitting on and we can assume that he wasn’t concerned about consequences & repercussions, because he apparently blended in with the crowd instead of running away. One person running would have been easy to spot.

I think these points indicate arrogant behavior, so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone stepped forward to take responsibility for this within the next couple of days before it all blows over on Google Blog Search.

I also find this to be an extremely bold move because I would assume that a conference like that would have lots of Social Media people there with cameras snapping and video cameras rolling. What are the odds that NOBODY caught this on tape? Also, the crowd appeared to be observant, yet disinterested. It seems like nobody pointed out the perp as he calmly walked away. I don’t know “how they do” in Munich, so it may be a common practice for people to spit on each other, so, to them, it was no big deal.

On top of that, you have to wonder what made the perp think he was going to get away with this scot-free. It doesn’t sound like a good plan to walk up to a guy who’s 6’4″ and spit in his face. It’s an ESPECIALLY BAD PLAN when that guy’s in a crowd and you don’t know who he’s with. So, it seems to me that whomever did this won’t be able to contain themselves and should be blabbing to their friends soon enough… Either that, or maybe someone DID catch it on tape…….

~Bill Cammack

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