2012 Iowa Caucus Results

Here are the reported Iowa Caucus results:

Romney: 30,015 votes (25%)
Santorum: 30,007 votes (25%)
Paul: 26,219 votes (21%)
Gingrich: 16,251 votes (13%)
Perry: 12,604 votes (10%)
Bachmann: 6,073 votes (05%)
Huntsman: 745 votes (01%)
Cain: 58 votes (I heard a Fox News broadcaster mention this, but haven’t seen it in a chart)

King of New York

So, this morning, I decided to Google Bill to see how I was doing. I’ve been struggling recently, because of the Stimulus Bill, which had displaced me to about #12 out of 438,000,000 but I knew this was a flash in the pan and would be old news in a second, and I’d be back […]

Bill Cammack = “Bill #4” Today On Google

Bill Cammack = "Bill #4" Today On Google, originally uploaded by Bill Cammack. Bill Cammack – Google results for “Bill” on November 04, 2008 It seems that Google has changed their “two entries per site” layout, at least for this morning. IMDB only has one and Wikipedia only has one, so that puts me at […]

Google restores Bill Cammack site (UnGoogled Blog Day 04)

Giving credit where it’s due, “Google Search Quality” has restored BillCammack.com by July 22, 2008, less than four (4) days after I cleaned up the infected section of my site and sent in my “reconsideration request”. Actually, this is four days spanning a weekend, so, technically, two BUSINESS days. I applied for reconsideration on Friday, […]