I’m sitting here right now, in Manhattan, in my house, able to type this on my computer right now because of the dedication of my friend, homie, brother, etc… Lou.

We went for a ride this morning, and the mechanic had assured me a couple of weeks ago that they checked out the electronics on my old-ass 1993 GSXR sportbike. I don’t doubt that they did. I think today was a NEW problem. It was so hot today, and my engine was running so hot, I’m pretty sure it burned through my cable leading to my ignition fuse. When I took the tank off so I could check my cables, they were different from when I had sent them to the mechanic, so I’m sure they did SOMETHING, and I don’t doubt it was proper. However, the location of my wires is conducive to them getting burnt and essentially “shorting out”.

I had had this happen quite a while ago, and my good friend MK got me out of that jam. This time Lou made it happen, and I just plain wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for Lou helping me out. I’d still be in Chester, NY, or wherever we were when my bike shut off.

I had offered to Lou to continue on his trip and just pass back that way when he was done. I didn’t want to ruin his day, but he wouldn’t break out. I was really more upset that I had messed up his plans for the day than that I was stranded out in the sticks without enough bike-mechanic knowledge to get ANYWHERE NEAR my house, where I am right now.

Eventually, we got back on the road and came back home. Thanks, Lou.


There really isn’t any more to say, but it’s still not enough. I’ve had people go the “well, I’ve done all I can for ya… now I have to go” route under similar circumstances, and it doesn’t feel good. That’s an incredible understatement. Similarly, “Thanks, Lou” doesn’t even begin to amount to anything near how appreciative I am that he stuck with me and helped me out of that situation. Not that I *EXPECTED* any less of him, because I met Lou more than half my life ago… But, it’s still nice to receive that gift of friendship…. of dedication. While I wasn’t thinking properly and couldn’t bring myself to find the proper solution, either because I was so upset or because I just didn’t possess the technical, mechanical knowledge to get myself out of that situation, Lou was on-point, and I’m getting to type this right now because of him. πŸ˜€

I didn’t realize how blessed I was when I first got my bike a few years ago…. I mean, I did, but I never documented it. Another life-long friend, Jay, walked me through learning to ride and then rode with me for VERY VERY MANY of the 20,000-plus miles I put on my bike in two years. Fortunately for Jay, he met the woman of his dreams and got married! πŸ˜€ I hadn’t realized how much of what I considered to be fun in “riding” was actually the fun of “riding WITH Jay”. On top of that, I hadn’t realized how much I was ‘dependent’ on Jay’s technical knowledge of biking. I was *N.E.V.E.R*, *EVER*, ONCE… NEVER worried that I wasn’t going to make it home tonight if I went riding with Jay. NEVER. I knew that Jay took bikes (and cars) apart and put them back together again. This was in the back of my mind… along with his dedication to me as a friend, and my dedication to him. Again, though it doesn’t come close to expressing my heartfelt gratitude… Thanks, Jay. πŸ˜€

Going riding is like going campaigning or going to war. You go out with a certain number of guys/gals, and you return with that same number. Similar to what’s said about war… It’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to trust whomever’s next to you in the bunker. That BELIEF carries you to your greatest potential in riding. This guy Todd went off what I consider to be a short cliff one time when we went on a group ride. We went back to find him and five of us literally LIFTED his bike out of the woods he fell into, maybe 30 feet below. His front rim was jacked, so I suggested that someone remove his front brakes, and he was able to ride with us all the way back to NYC, and to his home in either Queens or Long Island. The point is that we were going to FIGURE OUT how to get him home and get his bike squared away. PERIOD. Even though that was my first time meeting him, he was rolling with US, so MY goal was to get him home. PERIOD. That was the goal of the others too, and we made it happen, hoisting his bike with one hand each and grabbing onto trees with our other hands while digging our boots in to the soft dirt of the ledge we were climbing with Todd’s bike in tow. Todd got home. Mission accomplished.

There are some who will read this and discount my claim that riding is like going to war because nobody’s shooting at us. Well… When you go riding, you’re not SURE you’re going to make it back. I’m NEVER sure I’m going to make it back when I go performance-riding. Anything can happen, from mechanical failure to someone running you off the road to oil slicks or construction to someone rear-ending you. I always thank God when I make it back, because I know I didn’t have to. There are quite a few riding deaths every year. One of them was my friend “Avo”. I didn’t know him for a long time, relative to many other riders, but he was a great guy and a solid rider. When Avo died on the West Side Highway, that was REALLY the first time that I honestly felt like “if it happened to him, it could happen to me”.

Anyway… I wanted to get this stuff down while I’m still feeling the immense *GRATITUDE* to Lou for sticking with me and changing his plan for the day from “having a good time” to “getting Bill back home”. I realize this is all my fault, and even though I completely LOVE my bike, I may very well need to sell it, because I’ve allowed it to become unreliable. It’s my fault that the bike’s unreliable. I bought it @ 22,000 miles and put another 20,000 on it in the span of two years. I allowed the ignition electronics to get jacked up. Nobody else. I’m either going to commit to getting it fixed PROPERLY or selling it and getting another bike. I’ve had enough of people saving me from the DEPRESSION of being WAY out of town with NO WAY to get home. πŸ™

The bottom line is that riding isn’t about the bike you’re on… It’s about the people you share your experiences with.

Beleedat! πŸ˜€


ReelSolid.TV 1-Year Anniversary

(Lafayette Hotel)
Neo: Whoa, deja vu.
Trinity: What did you just say?
Neo: Nothing, I just had a little deja vu.
Trinity: What did you see?
Cypher: What happened?
Neo: A black cat went past us, and then another that looked just like it.
Trinity: How much like it, was it the same cat?
Neo: Might have been, I’m not sure.
Morpheus: Switch, Apoc.
Neo: What is it?
Trinity: Deja vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something….

On May 27th last year (2006), I made the first post announcing Reel Solid TV. My first videoblog post was one year ago, today. [ReelSolid.TV Episode 01]

It’s been a very interesting year… kind of like a wild ride with endless twists and turns. Blogging, Videoblogging, Compression, Editing, Production, Pre-Production, Hosting, Conferences, Socializing IRL, Social Internet Networks, Festivals, New gadgets coming out every day to make it easier to connect with each other……

In the end, I look back across the last 365 days and I see 157 episodes and I don’t even feel like trying to count how many hours of content. :/ When I make a “ReelSolid.TV Season 01” DVD, I’ll let you know how long it takes to sit down and watch everything I posted in my first year of videoblogging:

MasamiBillShow – 5 Episodes (April 13, 2007 – April 24, 2007)
The Lab – 6 Episodes (March 16,2007 – April 20, 2007)
ReelSolid.TV – 49 Episodes (May 28, 2006 – May 11, 2007)
Eight Million Stories – 97 Episodes (November 20, 2006 – April 05, 2007)

I ended up with several shows because they’re all different topics, styles and lengths, and I didn’t want to dilute one show with another one. I thought that would be beneficial to me so that I could point people to one specific style of video that they might be interested in. At this point, I’m a fan of consolidation. Put the video where people expect to see it. Myriad shows under one brand… one focus… one RSS feed.

Steve Garfield said he subscribes to people. I’ve found out that I do the exact same thing. I don’t so much watch JetSetShow or Galacticast or SomethingToBeDesired as I tune in to see what Steve & Zadi did this week or what Rudy & Casey did or what Justin did. I would watch if it were the same thing every week or if it were different every week. I would watch whether the shows were produced daily or arrived sporadically in their RSS feeds. Similarly, I’m going to consolidate MY shows into MY RSS feed, and people can watch it if they feel like it.

A very special “thank you” shout-out goes out to my Season 01 subscribers! πŸ˜€ It means a lot to post a video and get a certain number of downloads right off the bat. It also means a lot for y’all to post *FEEDBACK* when you watch a video that you like or even one that you don’t like. I’ve had several conversations over the last two months where I started to describe one of my episodes to someone, like my Vlog Deathmatch Music Video Promo, and the person I’m telling goes “Yeah, I saw that… That was great! πŸ˜€ I especially liked the part where…….” and I’m standing there like ??? because I had received ZERO FEEDBACK from that person that they even SAW that video. To date, I have 929 views on my VDM Official Entry (Starring ActionGirl) and I have 27 comments on the page. :/ FOUR of the comments were BY ME, so either those 24 people watched that video 38.708333 times each or the amount of WATCHING far outweighs the amount of COMMENTING! πŸ˜€

Recently, much has happened to change the game, and / ReelSolid.TV is going to flow with that. Stay tuned for live events, interviews, contests, forum discussions, collaborations… even AUDIO PODCASTS!!! :O Now that Season 01 of ReelSolid.TV has been spent learning the technology, the ‘business’ of videoblogging and the philosophies behind all of that, Season 02 is going to be WAY LESS about organization, structure and paperwork and WAY MORE about content creation and self-expression through video & audio… which is why I do what I do in the first place.

Thanks again, all… especially those that dove into videoblogging as soon as they realized what they could do and have made their knowledge available to other people, like on the yahoo videoblogging list and

Deja vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something….
ReelSolid.TV Season 02 kicks off NOW!!! πŸ˜€

ReelSolid.TV  "301"


Masami & Laetitia

On the way to the subway, I called Masami. It turned out that she was already downtown and hanging out with a friend of hers. Perfect. One door closes, another one opens. πŸ˜€ We decided that I’d buzz her when I got downtown….

The subway ride was uneventful. I got to the store and went to the display where they have all of the digital cameras out for you to check out. I had already checked and knew that they had the NV3 in stock. What I didn’t check was whether it was WORKING OR NOT ON THE $&(%#* DISPLAY! πŸ‘Ώ So, of course, I got to check out the Sony, but not the Samsung. The sony didn’t have a memory card in it, so that meant you couldn’t use “fine” mode (30fps). You had to use regular mode (15fps). It was very cartoonish, and as I panned from side to side, it was very jerky. I was aware of what fine mode looked like already from kitykity’s post, so I wasn’t concerned about it. The NV3 was another situation, entirely. I was sure it took good video from Randolphe’s stellar review of it (besides saying it didn’t work well in low light). That was one of the things in the Sony’s favor. Part of their advertisement is how well the camera works in low light.

The NV3 is flat black. The W70 is bright, reflective, mirror, metallic silver. The NV3 zooms without changing form. The W70 has this big “HEY! I’M TAKING FILM OF YOU” zoom lens that telescopes towards the subject(s). Besides speed issues that I mentioned in the previous post, people have completely different reactions to cameras from video cameras. It’s like they don’t think you can take video with them or even good video with them or get sound with them. It helps for the realness of the moment, because people aren’t “acting like they’re on camera”. Another benefit is that it goes right in my pocket. With a video camera, you have to bring other bags, etc. The NV3 shoots an extra video mode, which is 720×480@20fps. I couldn’t decide, especially without seeing ANYTHING working on the NV3, so I called Masami to find out where to meet up with them. Another thing I had noticed that was REALLY annoying about the W70 is that the wide/telephoto lever is on top of the camera, facing the front. I don’t know WHO came up with that idea, but it’s really dumb. You have to hold it in a really strange and uncomfortable way to utilize the zoom. The NV3 has the lever on the back of the camera, in perfect position for you to one-hand the shot and still zoom.

So I met up with Masami, and she was with her friend Laetitia who was visiting from France! (Sweet! 8)) We strolled down to Veniero’s Italian Bakery on 11th street & 1st avenue for some amazing desserts. Maybe an hour later, we started making moves so the ladies could “get their shop on”, and then I needed to go back to the store to choose a camera.

I needed to get the camera now because “the moment” was unfolding right in front of me, and I was aware that I had ZERO ability to record it. Since I was heading out specifically to get a camera, I hadn’t brought my Canon. We got to the store, and it was crowded, yet they only had two attendants working the camera section. It was completely retarded. People were stacked up waiting around, browsing cameras, like I had done earlier that day, waiting for someone to help them. Meanwhile, the guy that was working the area was ringing up a customer, and the girl working the area was getting rapped to by some guy that was talking about taking a camera hiking or something. πŸ˜• I guess he couldn’t tell she wasn’t interested in guys. Anyway… I got in position and as soon as he finished saying whatever he was saying, I told her that I wanted the Samsung camera. I told her this to try to be really simple for her. With the amount of people there, and only two workers, I decided this would be the best thing for her, as opposed to complex sentences. She STILL looked at me like she didn’t know what I was talking about. I had already asked the guy for his take on the cameras, and he had told me how the NV3 is also an mp3 player and he had been the one that pointed out the non-telescoping lens. I also knew the NV3 can be used as a voice recorder, so since the cameras were the same price, and the only benefit to the Sony was the low-light capability, I went with the NV3… basically off of Randlofe’s review of it, since I never actually saw it in action.

So the chick was really crabby, like she was having a bad day… which I can understand, because she was working while I was shopping. πŸ˜€ I’m sure that when you work in the service industry, you have to deal with a lot of jerks and people that make your day miserable on a regular basis, so I just rolled with it and thought it was funny and amusing. She just had this “I don’t care at all about serving you” aura to her that was really funny to watch, being that she was dressed up in a little colorful outfit, specifically placed there to be the human interface between the customers and the cash register. She was probably new to the job and was just doing it to get money anyway. If the job wasn’t so easy, she’d probably quit and do something else… or nothing.

So I bought the Samsung NV3, and I got a 2gig memory card with it. I read the manual just enough to figure out how to put the battery and memory card inside, then I turned it on. I took a couple of test videos, and they looked perfect, right out of the box. I looked at the instruction manual, and it doesn’t tell you how to use any… and I mean just about ANY of the features! πŸ˜€ There’s another manual that’s on the disk they give you, so maybe that has more information.

Next, we were off to Uptown Lounge to test out the Martini selection (Chocolate, Lemon, Apple…..) but not without stopping first @ a shoe store along the way… because… well… you know how it goes! πŸ˜€

Peer Pressure / Who Cares?

In Ò€œBeach Walk #175 – People talkinÒ€ℒ? Who cares!Ò€, we get to hear about someone so caught up in her own idea of what’s important in life that she tries to project this onto someone else. She’s so busy thinking about what SHE perceives to be the right way to live life that she totally ignores what the leader told the new paddler and gives contradictory instructions.

First of all, she’s not authorized to tell the new paddler what to do. Nobody put her in charge. The leader was IN THE BOAT, giving the orders, so there was no “lack of leadership”.

When asked why she said what she said, her reply was that if the new paddler stopped paddling, the other paddlers would talk about her behind her back, to the effect of “I can’t believe she stopped paddling! :O”. Now we have a reference point to weigh the values of this advice being given. On the one hand, the paddler could keep paddling, though she feels that her body needs a break, and she could avoid being gossiped about over lunch. OTOH, she could stop paddling, NOT risk her physical health, and perhaps be talked about behind her back by people that probably wouldn’t say anything to her face in the first place. If the tree falls in the woods… and you’re in the city, you don’t hear the sound… so… if people are going to gossip behind your back…..


What difference does it make? None, because you never hear about it, so, effectively, it doesn’t exist to you. Let’s say you actually hear about this gossip or they tell you to your face that they think less of you as a paddler because you didn’t keep paddling…..


What difference does it make? Do they pay your bills? Do they decide whether you get to come out paddling tomorrow morning? πŸ˜€ Do they decide where you sit in the boat?

The ‘advice-giver’ was saying more about herself than she was about the new paddler. She was letting people know what fantasies dictate her actions in life. She won’t do something if she perceives that she might be talked about for it. She won’t do something if she thinks she’ll “look bad”, even perhaps at the cost of her own physical health. That has nothing to do with the new paddler at all. ALSO, the ‘advice-giver’ informs us that she’s willing to attempt to override statements of the person in charge to forward the agenda of her own personal brainwashing. “Don’t do what the leader said, because we’ll talk about you”. What’s that?

Unfortunately, peer pressure is an incredible influence. Without the proper grounding, the new paddler might think the advice is good for her to follow, without having the ability to actually assess it properly, according to what SHE thinks is important in life. Often, people come into a new situation or it could even be a situation they’ve been in for a long time and they don’t have concrete ideas about what’s good for them and what isn’t. Those people are often susceptible to accepting and adapting other people’s ideas. Just because that way of being works for one person doesn’t mean it works for YOU. A lot of people have taken the wrong path following suggestions from people with their own personal agendas.

How about if the advice-giver channeled her energy into STOPPING the other paddlers from talking behind the new paddler’s back? How about THAT? How about praising the new paddler for being a part of keeping their heavier, 5-man boat alongside the lighter 6-man boat? How about THAT? How about if she focuses on what she can do that’s positive instead of “helping the new paddler avoid the negative”… the negative that she’s DEFINITELY going to be a part of if the newjack doesn’t take her advice and get back to work.

Rox says “gossip’s never killed anyone”. While that’s not actually true, πŸ˜€ I see her point. It’s not the ACTUAL gossip that has ever killed anyone. OTOH, people HAVE died from pushing their bodies past limits that they feel they have approached.

What’s it worth to you? What’s it worth to keep people from talking about you? Your health? Your money? Your family? Who ARE these people, anyway?

Who cares?

Do it? Don’t do it?

It’s interesting to read a blog in reverse…. at least a blog where the person is revealing (admittedly few) ways of thinking or being. You experience their personalities AFTER an event, then you get to see the event, then you get to see them BEFORE the event.

It’s also interesting to comment on a blog that’s not happening in real-time. I mean, the blog happenED in real-time, but that time is now the past, and we’re in what was then considered to be the future. After this post, either something happened or nothing happened. It’s still interesting to consider the possible effects of a prior episode that may linger inside a person you’ve already experienced in their own future……


Beach Walk #192 asks the question “to act, or not to act”. I think the real question is whether the outcome will be the same for the person making it happen IF they MAKE it happen. The actual physical outcome may be the same, but sometimes, the means are as important, if not much more so, than the ends…

I was walking with someone… somewhere… one time… in New York City, and she saw a flower vendor on the corner we were approaching. She got all happy and exclaimed “BUY ME SOME FLOWERS!!! :D”… I figured she was kidding, so I just looked at her. She wasn’t kidding, and she repeated her request. That’s when I had to tell her what time it was.

“It doesn’t work like that. You don’t REQUEST flowers. The point of the flowers is that the guy WANTED to give them to you. If you ask for the flowers, and THEN the guy buys them for you, he’s just the one handing the vendor the money. The flowers don’t MEAN anything at all.”

She thought about it and finally understood what I was saying. The point of flowers isn’t flowers. The point of flowers is expression of something. It could be an emotion… It could be “I think you’re lovely”… It could be “I was wrong in our argument last night (even though I wasn’t, but that’s a different topic)”. Requesting flowers and receiving them defeats the purpose of the flowers. It only proves that the guy knows how to follow orders! πŸ˜€

Similarly (and here comes the outdated, or perhaps post-dated information), there could be a difference in perception between A) waiting to see if a relationship progresses and B) making that progression happen. That gets into the realm of “Destiny? Fate? Meaningless Coincidence?”. CAN you make a relationship progress? Is the right thing going to happen for you, regardless of what you do? If so, why do anything at all? Do you have any influence in the creation of your own destiny?

Meanwhile, it also depends on the actions/reactions of the other person. How are they going to respond to your either “making it happen” or “letting it flow”? hehehe one never knows, so sometimes, you just have to choose a direction and go for the ride…..

Creative Commons

An interesting difference between doing your own videos for fun & entertainment and creating video for broadcast is that you are forced to become generic. Instead of being able to use anything you want and do anything you want with it, there are many things to be avoided in the production of a video. As a content producer, you have to think about what you might want to do with your work down the line during even the pre-production phase of creating your video.

Let’s say you do a personal interview with someone, and you like how it came out. You can do whatever you want with it, personally, but then, if you want to offer your interview to another group, they might require releases (written documents stating that the subjects in the video gave you permission to use your video of them) from everyone in the video, or they won’t accept it for their production. Even if you have releases for the subjects, you might have done it inside a restaurant, and THAT needs to be ‘cleared’.

You might use your favorite song in a video, but if you want to include that video in a broadcast, you’ll need to re-work it with music that’s cleared for use under certain circumstances (see Creative Commons), like from podsafe music network or IODA. Strangely enough, even music that comes on the radio or that someone walks by could present an issue. These things have to be considered when you’re doing a video that depends on the audio as well as the video. If someone’s saying something important while this uncleared music passes through the scene, there might be no way around it, since re-tracking the person’s dialogue means that you not only cut out the music, but all the other background sounds that make the video sound uniform.

Does this make sense? Yes. πŸ˜€ People work hard on their music or whatever and put their own energy and creativity into it, so they should definitely have rights to determine how their productions are used. There’s an interesting Creative Commons license that allows you to use the work as long as you attribute credit to the creator of the original work somewhere in your video, you don’t use it in a commercial work, and the work that you do that’s derived from their work is also licensed under the same CC license. It’s called CC BY-NC-SA (attribution, non-commercial, share alike). This is interesting because it creates a stream of ‘cleared’ work for people making similar videos to use.

There’s also the internet archive, where there are lots of videos and songs labeled “no rights reserved” that you can use in any way you want, and a lot of Creative Commons videos as well.

What’s “unfair” about this system (not to the creators of the work, but unfair to media creators looking for music or video to enhance their projects) is that money talks. πŸ˜€ If you work for a production company, or you do your own productions, you are subject to the same fees to license “real” music as the networks are. Let’s say you wanted to do a video about something and a network wanted to do the same piece. Even if your footage is better, content-wise, and your written dialogue is better, and your editing is better and your shot selection is better….. your video will have YOU playing your guitar over your drum machine, sounding like folk music from the country :/ while the network blasts “Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World” by Neil Young. Your piece IS better, but theirs SOUNDS better, so they have an emotional advantage in the effect their video has on the viewers.

Same thing if you’re a documentary maker. MTV plays music all day and all night on several channels, internationally. If you watch one of their docs, they’re FILLED… I mean *FILLED* with the latest music from the hottest artists at the time. MTV’s in the country, you hear the latest country music. They’re in the city, you hear the latest Hip-Hop. They’re in India, you hear the best mood-inducing Indian music. This is because A) MTV has the money to purchase the rights to whatever songs they want, and B) everybody wants their songs to be ON MTV so they can get publicity = more fame and sales. Nobody wants to be in YOUR PODCAST that 30 people download on a weekly basis! πŸ˜€ So… YOUR video or film or what-have-you is going to sound like what’s really going on… you got the music you could afford to use.

I think podsafe music network and IODA are providing a great service on both sides of this situation. They’re allowing video producers to use music with high production values, as long as the producer complies with the stipulations of the licenses. If your budget is ZERO, or even less than zero… you can still get a fantastic background track for your non-commercial work. For the musicians, they benefit because their music’s being heard by people that otherwise wouldn’t have looked them up on the internet. They’re being heard without having to be ‘hot’ enough to get into rotation on MTV. Also… you never know when a video that someone does might become REEEEEEALLY popular, and then the musicians get to ride the wave. πŸ˜€

~Bill C.~

Destiny? Fate? Meaningless Coincidence?

So I get on a bus, today. I normally don’t get on buses, but I decided to try one today. Not just any bus, but a bus going out of state. Not like a public bus or something. I get my ticket at the bus terminal and walk to the waiting area. I get in line behind this girl/woman/young lady, whatever your favorite term is. She’s relatively attractive. I don’t know that that has anything to do with the topic other than that’s the reason I noticed her in the first place. I don’t know that that’s not the ONLY reason I’m blogging this. πŸ˜€ So the bus comes, and we’re going to the same stop. It was an express bus, so I suppose EVERYONE was going to the same stop… or maybe they weren’t… maybe there were “points beyond” that that bus was going to. I call for my ride to pick me up, and she goes about her business. Meanwhile, I’m wondering to myself what the odds are that I’m going to see her on the way back “home” (at least for me).

Amongst others, I meet up with someone that took an earlier bus from NYC. I decide to leave my plans for going back home up to whenever he decides he’s leaving. That’s not exactly a fair statement. I should say that I was working with him today, so I definitely wasn’t coming back to NYC BEFORE he was… there was just nothing saying that I had to leave when he did.

Anyway… I leave it up to him, and when he’s ready to head back, I get ready to go. Our ride has to pass by Fedex, so we end up going for the 8:30pm bus instead of the 8:00pm bus. We get dropped off, and as we’re waiting for the bus, the same chick is dropped off @ the Park N Ride by her father (which I could tell because of their conversation). So now, the question has changed from “what are the odds that we will come back together on the same bus, when there’s a bus that runs every 30 minutes from the center of the universe (New York City) to some town in the sticks in Jersey” to “What’s going on here? Destiny? Fate? Meaningless Coincidence?”

It’s true that the odds were relatively good that I would come back on the same bus she did… at least, compared to other modes of transportation like New York Subways, where you can take several different lines, or you can take buses, or you can catch a cab, or you can walk. Between 10:30am and 8:30pm, there are 20 buses, but you can cut that number in less than half, considering I wouldn’t expect someone to take a bus to Jersey just for a couple of hours, then go back home. So let’s say the odds were 1 in 6.

For someone to believe that it was Destiny or perhaps Fate that caused you to run into someone twice in the same day, you’d have to believe there was a plan or someone/something pushing you in a certain direction, and also pushing the other person. Then again, you’re not supposed to be able to escape “destiny”, so what exactly WAS your destiny in that situation? Just to be there on that day, on that time? Your actions still come down to Free Will, so even when put in a situation of potential Destiny, what happens still comes down to what you choose to do, or what’s chosen for you.

Maybe it’s not a plan, but a suggestion from ‘the powers that be’. Then again… maybe it’s Meaningless Coincidence. If it’s a suggestion, and you don’t recognize or act on that suggestion, you miss out on something potentially great for you… IF the power suggesting this to you had your best interests in mind! πŸ˜€ Similarly, if it’s Meaningless Coincidence, and you act like it’s something special, you could overreact to ‘nothing’.

So I’m thinking about this on the subway ride home from Port Authority. What just happened? Did ANYTHING happen? DOES anything EVER happen? Is it all Meaningless Coincidence?…..

I leave the subway and walk home… just in time to meet a new chick simultaneously entering my building. πŸ˜€ She’s fun, friendly and attractive, and as we bid each other ‘good night’ as I leave the elevator, I’m glad that I didn’t stop to meet the first chick, because I would have missed the second one! πŸ˜‰