Plan C! – Skate To The Gym

ok… Here we go AGAIN! 😀

The last entry I made in my “Gym” category was back on August 4th. The plan at the time had been to increase my weight by 20-30 lbs. That didn’t work AT ALL and right after that, I got bogged down in work to the point that I wasn’t thinking about or caring about working out at all.

When I started putting my game plan together for 2010, I realized that the area I needed to make the most improvements in physical shape. I’m always in good physical shape because of my parents’ genes, but I used to be in the gym every day and I used to enjoy the soup-up-factor of being in insane shape. It was necessary for sports I used to play and it makes it about a gazillion times easier to pick up chicks when all you have to do is take your shirt off. 🙂 Continue reading “Plan C! – Skate To The Gym”