Your Girlfriend Is A Ho

This season’s premiere episode of Jersey Shore was only interesting for one reason.. MTV decided to surprise the cast by bringing the people they care about together for a surprise party.

That would have been all well & good, except for Nicole’s various sexual hookups with guys and girls that were invited to the same party. 😀

Games Without Frontiers (NYC Mercs)

I’ve always loved the song “Games Without Frontiers” by Peter Gabriel. For me, the song has an incredible mix of depression and hope. There’s power and powerlessness in the face of “the game” at the same time. I never get a feeling that one person is going to “win out” over the next person. I […]

How To Color Correct Obama

Formats Available: iPod (.mp4) Whomever you think is the best candidate, it’s in your best interest to VOTE this Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 in the United States Presidential Election. Bre Pettis, Justin Johnson, Clint Comer and I are all releasing new videos every weekday of November 2008, and re-releasing “old” videos every Saturday and Sunday. […]

Bill Cammack in the New York Times

Thanks to my friend Annie Boccio, I found out that I’m in the New York Times! 😀 Bill Cammack & Annie Boccio Slideshow (when the timer reads 1:03) => [link] Article (which has nothing to do with The Kid, but a bunch of my friends are featured) => [link] You Know How We DO!!! … […]