Why Consensual Affairs Are More Damaging Than Sexual Harassment

In reality, half of the people aren’t going to believe the sexual harassment allegations right off the bat, and then half of the people that believe it aren’t going to care.

Rachel Maddow wanted to know what the logic was behind Mike Huckabee saying the following about Herman Cain’s latest problem:

YouTube Link => youtu.be/JXYTGuTSexY

“Greta, It’s a serious charge.

The allegation is one that could upend his Presidential campaign, and I think the reaction that he’s had to it, when he said that, unlike the harassment charges, which he denied, he said this was a private matter.

In essence, he may have given an answer that will be very difficult for him to work himself out of.

I think this is the most damaging allegation that has been made to date, no question about it.”

It’s really very simple and obvious, but it requires an accurate grasp on reality to figure out. Continue reading “Why Consensual Affairs Are More Damaging Than Sexual Harassment”