There’s No Social In Your Media

One of the lines in the Bush song, “Everything Zen” says there’s no sex in your violence.

I’ve been thinking that a lot while watching the content that people have been posting to Google+, except the version I’ve been thinking is that there’s no social in your media.

One of the opportunities we have online is to demonstrate how similar we are to each other. That’s a valid and worthwhile pursuit, but at the same time, you want to show how different you are as well. Continue reading “There’s No Social In Your Media”

Google Plus Circles – How To Use Them

Google Plus Circles are basically what I’ve been waiting for for quite a long time, now.

Here’s the video from Google that basically explains what they are:

Youtube Link => []
That’s all well & good, and it gives you a basic understanding of what you can do with circles, but if you’re “Internet Famous” or even just a power-user of social media sites, you’re going to need a better plan than “I CAN SHARE MY PARTY PHOTOS WITH MY COLLEGE FRIENDS!!! 😀 LULZ LOL FTW F2F IRL!!! :D”

You’re actually going to need to employ a 3-pronged attack if you’re going to build successful circles. Continue reading “Google Plus Circles – How To Use Them”

Responsibilities in Relationships

Single Life

Just two days ago, I was out to brunch with a friend and somehow, the topic of video games came up. I think I was explaining to her what I felt the value was of being yourself from the giddyap instead of doing what other people wanted you to do so they’d be willing to hang out with you. Continue reading “Responsibilities in Relationships”

Hook Your Boy Up / Stop Being Greedy

OK Fellaz… Stop being greedy. If you have a homeboy that’s having trouble getting girls, HOOK YOUR BOY UP!!! Dag. :/ I mean, seriously. It’s ridiculous. It’s also in your best interest to make sure your friends get laid.

First of all, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to be screwing more than three chicks at a time, so if you know four or more girls, SHARE THE WEALTH! This works out in your best interest because if your friends are gettin’ some, they’re WAY LESS LIKELY to do REALLY STUPID THINGS! Dag.

The first stupid thing they won’t be doing is interrupting YOU when you’re chilling with YOUR girls, Capisce? If you hadn’t been just looking out for YOURSELF ONLY, you would have passed your boy a chick to distract him. Do NOT let him sit around hating on you because you got all the girls, AGAIN. ‘Matter of fact (and I know this is a stretch, but bear with me), sometimes, you should even hook your boy up with the BEST chick in a group, just so he can feel special for once. Continue reading “Hook Your Boy Up / Stop Being Greedy”