Ladies: Flaunt Your Accomplishments!

Now.. I hate to pub BET (Black Entertainment Television) *AT* *ALL*, because it’s straight GARBAGE and a complete waste of immense potential as far as giving “minorities” light on a basically National televison stage… but there’s a lesson here for the ladies, so I’ll let it slide for now. So, I’m minding my business the […]

Did your man call out another woman’s name?

Ladies… Don’t you just hate it when your man calls out another woman’s name when y’all are doin’ the do? Well, before you start throwing tantrums and throwing keys and cell phones out of Lamborghini windows, let’s think about why this might be ALL. YOUR. FAULT! 😀 Did you dye your hair? Your man gets […]

Is She dating You or Your Wallet?

Tara Bahrampour posted an article in The Washington Post yesterday about guys who can’t buy girls any more due to the recession. BOO HOO HOO. Too Bad, So Sad. Easy Come, Easy Go. C’est La Vie. See.. What happens when you rely on gimmicks to get raps is that when those gimmicks aren’t available to […]