How Do You Make Money With Social Media?

Ultimately.. I get paid because I can do things other people canโ€™t do. Period.

Bill CammackSo, The other day, I go to lunch with a friend of mine who isn’t into Social Media. I start showing him my personal fansite, my business site, Facebook, Twitter / TweetDeck,, YouTube, Tumblr, Ustream, IRC, Skype, iChat, so then he goes:

“So how do you make money with all this stuff?”

So I laughed a little, because I knew I had a long, LONG explanation ahead of me. ๐Ÿ˜€

Special Case

Before I get started with this, I need to mention that I’m a special case. PART of what I’m about to say will be useful to someone else. Most of it’s only useful to me. Continue reading “How Do You Make Money With Social Media?”

Ladies: Flaunt Your Accomplishments!

Bill CammackNow.. I hate to pub BET (Black Entertainment Television) *AT* *ALL*, because it’s straight GARBAGE and a complete waste of immense potential as far as giving “minorities” light on a basically National televison stage… but there’s a lesson here for the ladies, so I’ll let it slide for now.

So, I’m minding my business the other day and all of these people are Twittering about the BET Awards that were going on right that minute. Stuff about how Soldier Boy (or however he misspelled it) should have been restricted to lip sync, because he can’t hit his notes, and how the censors missed cutting the audio when someone said “Dancin’ and ****”.

So, I decide to tune in to this disaster, and I see a very classy performance by Maxwell followed by some raunchy rap garbage that basically had every third word cut out by the censor, who, at that point was probably fearful of losing his/her job (and VERY rightfully so) to close out the show. Hopefully, the programming director got fired along with the censor for having NO TASTE WHATSOEVER… but that’s not the point. ๐Ÿ˜€

I had the DVR running, so, as usual, I was Fast-Forwarding all of the commercials. However, there was one commercial that they kept running and eventually, I decided to back up and watch it. It was for this upcoming BET show called “Tiny & Toya”.

Tiny & Toya

So, it’s not relevant *WHY* I decided to finally watch this commercial, hahaha ๐Ÿ˜‰ but I did. So you see a couple of typical BET-looking chicks on the screen and then they start talking in sound bites…. Actually, someone uploaded the video to YouTube, so watch it for yourself: Continue reading “Ladies: Flaunt Your Accomplishments!”

Did your man call out another woman’s name?

Ladies… Don’t you just hate it when your man calls out another woman’s name when y’all are doin’ the do? Well, before you start throwing tantrums and throwing keys and cell phones out of Lamborghini windows, let’s think about why this might be ALL. YOUR. FAULT! ๐Ÿ˜€

Did you dye your hair?

WomenYour man gets used to certain things about you. He’s used to your body type, because that’s what prompted him to talk to you in the first place. He’s used to your demeanor, how you like to dress, etc.

Now, if you recently dyed your hair, depending on what you were doing to him at the time………. Your man could have made a PERFECTLY HONEST MISTAKE in calling you some other woman’s name. ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m just sayin’… Guys aren’t that smart. You have to keep things consistent. If you were already dying your hair red when he met you, keep doing that throughout the relationship in order to avoid situations like this.

Same thing goes with length. If your hair was long the whole time, don’t suddenly cut it short and risk reminding him of that secretary at his job he fantasizes about tapping every chance he gets.

FELLAZ!!!.. The easy way around this is to only date one chick of each hair color/length. If one of them changes up on you, hold off on the sex until you can draw up a new chart. Writing all of their names/hair colors on the inside of your wrist is risky, but, you know… do what you gotta do. Continue reading “Did your man call out another woman’s name?”

Is She dating You or Your Wallet?

Bill Cammack & KVTara Bahrampour posted an article in The Washington Post yesterday about guys who can’t buy girls any more due to the recession. BOO HOO HOO. Too Bad, So Sad. Easy Come, Easy Go. C’est La Vie.

See.. What happens when you rely on gimmicks to get raps is that when those gimmicks aren’t available to you anymore, you immediately revert back to Herb Status and your rap game is in the trash.

We’ve all had this happen to us on a temporary basis… You know, like that time you were like “I’m only going to the grocery store… No need to look savoir-faire”, and then you ran into the BANGIN’EST-LOOKING chick you’ve ever seen in your life near the Doritos and you’re like “OH. MY. *GOD*! Why didn’t I hook myself up before stepping outside???”

Now, that’s a temporary loss of confidence. As bad as that feels, try to imagine a PERMANENT loss of confidence as in you used to be “ballin’, shot callin'” and now you’re not. I already told y’all what to do if you already have a girlfriend, in “5 Ways To Keep Your Woman If You Get Laid Off”, but what happens if you thought you had it like that and you were still playing the field when you lost your job? WHOOPS! ๐Ÿ˜€

Let’s check out some snippets from Tara’s article: Continue reading “Is She dating You or Your Wallet?”