ReelSolid.TV / / Collab!!! :D

Obreahny ( & Bill ( cover Scholastic’s “Harry Potter Place” in New York City for Zadi & Steve’s (, based in Los Angeles, CA. Our Segment Field Producer / Camera: Bill Cammack On-Air Talent: Obreahny O’Brien Edit: Steve Woolf, Special thanks to Scholastic’s Sarah Trabucchi for the Press Access! 😀 I’m really happy with […]

BillCammack shoutout on JetSetShow! :D

W00T! 😀 BillCammack shoutout on this week’s JetSetShow. 5 minutes into the program! 😀 DatingGenius would like to thank Zadi & Steve @ Smashface Productions! 😀 Click To Play Also featured, an interesting and cool-looking project from Brandon Fletcher called “Date Unknown”.

ReelSolidTV Episode 48: Vlog Deathmatch Promo

Bill Cammack‘s promo for the 2007 Vlog Deathmatch Music Video Challenge. Clips from: (in order of appearance)Steve Woolf – smashface.comCasey McKinnon – galacticast.comBill Cammack – billcammack.comEric Rey – ericrey.netRick Rey – rickrey.comDany Gehshan – galacticast.comVeronica Belmont – veronicabelmont.comBonny & The Bui Brothers – noodlescar.comZadi Diaz –

Chaos @ Reinventing TV!!! :O

hahahaha ok… Jonny’s going to have to change something over @! Last night’s show was OUTLANDISH! 😀 … The first half was Steve Woolf & Zadi Diaz from / Jetsetshow. That would have been a funny and entertaining hour on its own….. … but then Dan McVicar ( jumped up in the mix, […]