Do You Have Your Chloe?

**** “24” Spoilers. If you didn’t watch the season & series finale yet, don’t read this post **** Continue reading “Do You Have Your Chloe?”

Social Media Spoilers

So I just ruined an experience for my friend Keith when I posted a Facebook status update about who won the Carano vs Cyborg fight last night. That’s my fault, and I hate it when that happens to me… Except it brings up an interesting point about the real-time nature of the internet these days.

I already know to avoid *ALL* areas of Social Media between the time that something happens that I recorded on my DVR and the time that I watch it. For instance… If I intend to watch an episode of “24” and it airs at 9pm EST and I don’t want to hear anyone spoil it for me, I’m not going to look at Google, eMail, Social Media sites, Instant Messenger programs, my own blog or ANYTHING ELSE until I watch the episode.

This is because this is 2009. People are LIVE-BLOGGING events at this point. I’m sure you could have hit Google ten minutes after the fight concluded and found the results, the exact time the fight ended, how it ended, who won and people’s opinions about the entire thing. By the next morning, you can see pictures of the event as well as video from the post-fight interviews. Continue reading “Social Media Spoilers”