How Are *YOU* Going To Prosper in 2013?

Make sure you consider YOUR OWN best interests when you vote for PotUS in November, 2012.

Bill Cammack Quantcast Demographics – Jan 23, 2009

Bill Cammack Quantcast Demographics – Jan 23, 2009, originally uploaded by Bill Cammack. I just entirely LOVE my demographics today, hahaha Female, Young Adults (18-34), Other Ethnicities, No Kids In Household, Less Affluent, College Graduates!!! 😀 Hey Ladies!!! 😀 *waves*

How many people read my blog?

So I had lunch with Dave Ford the other day, and he asked me how many people read my blog. I answered “eh… Between 200 and 300”. I knew there was something incorrect about my answer, but I didn’t have time to figure out something I had never considered before, so I went with that. […]