Social Media: You’re Doing It Wrong

Let me tell you how Social Media works… There are two layers. There’s the online layer and then the offline layer. The online layer is where we all say whatever we want about ourselves and expect people to take our word for it. The offline layer is where you have to PUT UP OR SHUT […]

The Thanks I Get…

So, ten (10) days ago, The Kid posted “PLEASE visit!!! :O”, ’cause I needed to put my homey ON BLAST for her wack compete stats! Liz Burr = Healthy …. Her Blog Stats… Not So Much. :/ So I made that post and did everything short of a Jerry Lewis Telethon for her stats, […]

Bill Cammack Quantcast Demographics – Jan 23, 2009

Bill Cammack Quantcast Demographics – Jan 23, 2009, originally uploaded by Bill Cammack. I just entirely LOVE my demographics today, hahaha Female, Young Adults (18-34), Other Ethnicities, No Kids In Household, Less Affluent, College Graduates!!! 😀 Hey Ladies!!! 😀 *waves*