Haiti Earthquake + Social Media = HaitiXchange.com

Yesterday, there was an horrible earthquake in Haiti that measured 7.0 on the Richter scale‎. We won’t know until the sun comes up how horrible it was, because electricity AND telephone service was knocked out.

Haiti National Palace destroyed in earthquake, Port-Au-Prince

My long time friend and college homeboy, Pascal Antoine is Haitian. He founded and has been maintaining a website called HaitiXchange.com for a lot of years now.

I normally don’t watch the news at all, but I’ve been fascinated by the recent trend of channels showing 3% news and 97% punditry (people giving their OPINIONS about what the news means instead of showing us a bunch more news stories). So I turn on the television around 8pm and flip to CNN, where the slot says “Campbell Brown”, so I’m like “*yawn* Here we go!”, and she has a different look on her face and the marquis below her reads something like “Hospital Collapses In Haiti”. Continue reading “Haiti Earthquake + Social Media = HaitiXchange.com”

Bill Cammack’s Live Streaming Tips

Bill CammackIt’s 2009 now, and everybody and LITERALLY their mother has their own web show. *yawn*

It’s time to move forward. This year is all about Live Streaming. All of a sudden, everybody wants to do it, but they just don’t know how. They think that turning on a webcam and having any audio at all equates to a quality experience for their viewers. Nope. That’s not how it works.

Here’s a list of live streaming tips that will bring you from ZERO to HERO in no time flat:


Jonny, Dan, Zadi & Steve on Reinventing Television, November 2006

This is a screencap from November 2006 from Jonny Goldstein‘s live show, “Reinventing Television”. I’m not on screen, but I’m in the text chat.


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Twitter? Or Your Blog?

Twitter changed the game as far as blogging. Instead of posting something, and MAYBE people would stop by your blog and MAYBE they’d read your articles and MAYBE they’d leave a comment, all of a sudden, what you had to say was being pushed to people who actually REQUESTED to hear what you had to say by following you and then either checking the site itself or installing an app or widget on their computers or phones.

Michelle & Bill
Twitter > Bill

I noticed that the traffic on the Yahoo Videoblogging Group fell off DRASTICALLY as Twitter presented a far better and faster way for people to get immediate responses to questions than an email list.

I also noticed A LOT OF PEOPLE putting a lot of their ideas on Twitter instead of their own blogs. I didn’t really think much of that until I talked with Tyme White about it ten (10) months ago, back in March, 2008:

Tyme: “Yes, the conversations are moving away from blogs but the problem is the same problem that has always existed, one I warned about at least two years ago. How many times has a writer published an article, a larger site wrote about it, and the conversation took place every where but on the writer’s site? Same problem – the writer would have to keep up with those conversations. Now, the same root problem exists, but there are many more sites where the conversation can take place. The writer publishes the entry and now a discussion can happen on the originating blog, any blogs that write about it, any site that aggregates content (Reddit, Chawlk, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.), Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, any of the social sites that are popping up, forums…the list is long.”

The question is: does it matter to the writer if the conversation takes place in other places? If the answer is no, the writer would have one strategy. If the answer is yes, it does matter and the preference is for the conversation to take place on their blog, well, that would take a different strategy, wouldn’t it?”

So, referencing that practically-one-year-old post by Tyme… Does it matter where *YOU* blog your material? I blog mine to BillCammack.com. I post references to my blog posts on Twitter and Tumblr. Continue reading “Twitter? Or Your Blog?”

Live Streaming From PodCampNYC

Bill Cammack, streaming live from PodCampNYC.

Podcamp with BlackRobb & the Hip-Hop Association

Thanks to Jason Thomas (TheHalfShow), for taking this shot while I was live streaming the Hip-Hop session from PodCampNYC! 😀

297 ReelSolid.TV s03 ep015 – Live Show Plus 4

ReelSolid.TV Episode #297 – Season 03, Episode 15 – Live Show Plus 4

Bill Cammack streaming live video via Ustream.

Liz Burr streaming live audio via iChat

Tyme White streaming live audio via Skype

TheJennTaFur streaming live audio via iChat

Darren Keith streaming live audio via Skype

Bill Cammack Live – Monday Visitor Map

Map of stats from BillCammack.com/live on Monday, March 03, 2008

Known visitors: Tyme White, Phil Campbell, Liam Cassidy, Nathan Freitas