Dude… Where’s My Twitter Link?

As I reported back on June 28, 2007, Twitter ‘ruined my life’ [link]. I realize _now_ that there’s something that I left out. Today, Charles Hope twittered… Yes, “twittered”… There’s no such thing as a “tweet” or else the app would be named “tweeter”…. Anyway… Charles twittered that the “older” link was no longer at […]

Recording Episode 01 of “The Lab”

WOWWWWW!!! OK… So I just spent an hour recording my lines for my first episode of “The Lab”. I’m an editor, not an actor. I had the incorrect notion that what I was about to do was more like talking than acting. It was really something I’ve never experienced before…… That was an amazing trip. […]

Viacom Sues YouTube

NewTeeVee.com reports that Viacom sued YouTube and Google today over the display of copyrighted materials. Of course, this makes sense with all the pirated material on YouTube…. Another NewTeeVee article may shed extra light on the situation, since Viacom has signed on to be a content partner with Joost. An amount of your value to […]

Digital Video Data Rate

First of all, I’d like to thank Lynne D. Johnson for the opportunity to blog as a Fast Company Expert. There are many reasons a particular digital video might not run well, or at all, on your computer. You might not have enough processor speed. Your video card might not be able to handle the […]