Leveraging Live Video Platforms

Kfir Pravda asks the question How can videbloggers leverage live video platforms? I think live video will enable individuals or production teams to foster closer relationships with their core group of viewers. I’ve seen Jonny Goldstein make excellent use of “live” from back in the days when we used to have to use telephone conference […]

Sharing Breakfast

Yesterday was a fantastic day. 😀 I got to meet Kfir Pravda, who was here for a few hours in NYC Friday morning awaiting his connecting flight to Israel. I was familiar with Kfir from blogging as well as our involvement with the Yahoo Videoblogging Group. We’ve had interesting discussions about the direction of online […]

290 ReelSolid.tv s03 ep008 NYC Tweetup 080124

NYC Tweetup, January 24, 2008 Laura “Pistachio” Fitton PistachioConsulting.com Kathryn Jones Synchronis.tv Kristen “Kroosh” Crusius kroosh.tv Cathleen Rittereiser CathleenRitt.blogspot.com Suki Fuller twitter.com/Suki_MHC05 Joyce Bettencourt whymysl.blogspot.com Eric Rochow GardenFork.tv Ian Isanberg CoffeeWithIan.com Bill Cammack BillCammack.com Attendees not in the video Jane Quigley janequigley.com Julia Roy clipper.typepad.com Jesse Chenard jesses-space.com Paull Young youngie.prblogs.org Pics => Flickr Set