How To Approach Women

Reader “Grace” asked me what my technique was for approaching women…

Reader “Grace” asked me what my technique was for approaching women. I gave her the short answer to her question, but wasn’t able to elaborate, because I was responding on my Facebook page and not my blog, where I can go on and on about this stuff, ad infinitum.

Who Made Who?

Life is different for guys that women actually like and/or are attracted to.

This is why my blog posts about dating describe general circumstances that occur for and to common people.

It wouldn’t do you any good for me to tell you my technique for doing something, because it only works for me and people similar to me… It’s not something I’m doing, it’s the medium or environment surrounding me that makes anything work or not work for me.

For example, I’m highly educated (, so even if I know what the current slang words mean, they sound completely different when I’m saying them, compared to someone that actually lives life “in the street”. Continue reading “How To Approach Women”

Why Women Go To The Bathroom Together

Bill_Cammack_GSX-R_NYC_Night.jpgFrom time immemorial, guys have wondered why women go to the bathroom together. Well… The Kid‘s about to let you know what the real deal is! 😀

Here are five reasons why women go to the bathroom together:

1. Cockblocking

If there’s one thing women love, it’s NOT MINDING their own business. The only thing they love more than that is stopping YOU from getting laid. It’s one of the two things they do to guys that make them feel accomplished in life….

If you’re talking to a gal and her homegirl comes over uninvited, she’s trying to block ONE OF YOU. There’s a very, very, very, VERY low-percentage chance that she’s trying to steal you from her girlfriend. I’ve had this happen, and most of the time it’s been because the blocker considered herself as trumping the blockee in looks or sexuality. It’s basically “If SHE can get the rap to him, I know that *I* can get him too / instead”. It’s flattering and all that, but it’s also corny. Just be happy for your girl and stay out of her business. Stop being greedy & competitive. Continue reading “Why Women Go To The Bathroom Together”