Who’s The Man?

Formats available: Mobile Video (.mp4) “Who’s The Man?” Brett Petersel @brett Brian Solis @briansolis Jolie O’Dell @jolieodell Oz Sultan @ozsultan Courtenay Bird @courtenaybird Damien Basile @db Stephanie Agresta @stephagresta Chris McCaffrey @chrismccaffrey Michelle Chaffee @michellebythec Bill Cammack @billcammack New York City, NY, USA

Splitting Feeds

My fellow MIT alum, Liz Burr doesn’t care about my pictures. 🙁 She doesn’t care if The Kid drinks a bunch of alcohol and hangs out with a bunch of chicks. 🙁 (L to R) Oz Sultan, Florence Holdeman, Bill Cammack, James Im, Michelle DeForest & Whitney Hess @ TechSet NYC Photo by Brett Petersel […]