Ladies: Flaunt Your Accomplishments!

Bill CammackNow.. I hate to pub BET (Black Entertainment Television) *AT* *ALL*, because it’s straight GARBAGE and a complete waste of immense potential as far as giving “minorities” light on a basically National televison stage… but there’s a lesson here for the ladies, so I’ll let it slide for now.

So, I’m minding my business the other day and all of these people are Twittering about the BET Awards that were going on right that minute. Stuff about how Soldier Boy (or however he misspelled it) should have been restricted to lip sync, because he can’t hit his notes, and how the censors missed cutting the audio when someone said “Dancin’ and ****”.

So, I decide to tune in to this disaster, and I see a very classy performance by Maxwell followed by some raunchy rap garbage that basically had every third word cut out by the censor, who, at that point was probably fearful of losing his/her job (and VERY rightfully so) to close out the show. Hopefully, the programming director got fired along with the censor for having NO TASTE WHATSOEVER… but that’s not the point. πŸ˜€

I had the DVR running, so, as usual, I was Fast-Forwarding all of the commercials. However, there was one commercial that they kept running and eventually, I decided to back up and watch it. It was for this upcoming BET show called “Tiny & Toya”.

Tiny & Toya

So, it’s not relevant *WHY* I decided to finally watch this commercial, hahaha πŸ˜‰ but I did. So you see a couple of typical BET-looking chicks on the screen and then they start talking in sound bites…. Actually, someone uploaded the video to YouTube, so watch it for yourself: Continue reading “Ladies: Flaunt Your Accomplishments!”

Calling All Players!

OK, you males who make up 45% of my viewership, here’s your chance to get busy! πŸ˜€

Debbie from sent me this email about a casting call for a new televison series they’re working on:

Casting outgoing men ages 25 to 40 for a cable television series

Seeking attractive, fit, charismatic, men, all ethnicities, 25-40.

Men will practice their pick up skills on our featured dynamic woman.
Dazzle and charm her with wit and personality.  Win her over.
Rate:  $100/half day shoot.
Filming begins end of April.
Interviews;  by appointment only, begin week of March 31st.

Please send a current headshot and resume to

So, if you think you have the look for the show, and the skillz to take this chick down, get in touch with Debbie and throw your hat in the ring! πŸ˜€


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Time, Business & Handouts [Time, Part 1]

Roxanne & Shane, founders & owners of Bare Feet Studios & have been consulting and in the internet industry a lot longer than I have and I was fortunate enough to receive some vital coaching from both of them concerning Time, specifically relating to being a freelancer.

Roxanne Darling & Bill Cammack – Beachwalk #258

I physically met Roxanne Darling two years ago in November 2006, but I knew her already from the Yahoo Videoblogging Group. We had some great and important conversations and I knew she had her finger on the pulse of what was going on in this new “New Media” world I was diving into from my Corporate and Broadcast video background.

Rox & Shane did their own show,, but what I didn’t know at the time was that they were also very, very, VERY busy with their consulting business where they have 12 years of experience working in internet technology, streaming media, audio & video podcasting, new media creation and consulting, content management systems, event production, and public speaking.

Fast Forward to March 2007, and I accompanied Rox to NYC’s BlogHerBiz ’07 conference. We were filming or attending discussions all day, which probably amounted to 6 or 8 hours, tops, before we shut the productions down and got ready to socialize for the rest of the evening.

Lisa Stone & Marissa Mayer @ BlogHerBiz ’07

When Rox turned her computer on, she said something about having 80 emails since she had last checked this morning. I remember laughing at that, thinking “ha ha, you have all this spam/bacn to get rid of, hahaha” To my shock & horror, I found out she had 80 actual legitimate BUSINESS emails, with more coming in.

At the time, I was probably only getting 30 emails a day… like, meaning in a 24-hour period… and those were mostly garbage. There was something about Rox’s email situation that told me to pay attention, because I was looking at my future. We headed to the socializing events with both of us knowing that by the time she returned from having a good time (and, less importantly, business networking at the same time), even MORE email would be stacking up… Continue reading “Time, Business & Handouts [Time, Part 1]”

Maury Show Tips: 02 – Surviving The Lie Detector Test

We’ve already established in “Maury Show Tips: 01 – You Are An Idiot” that if The Maury Show calls you AT ALL, then either YOU are an idiot, your girlfriend is an idiot or BOTH OF YOU are idiots. That means there’s a 66% chance that you are an idiot, which is higher than 50%, so let’s just assume that it’s YOU. Here’s the proof:

You + Her = Result
Smart + Smart = Rejected. Never seen on the show [25%]
Smart + Idiot = She did something that will embarrass you = Guest [25%]
Idiot + Smart = You did something that will embarrass her = Guest [25%]
Idiot + Idiot = Ratings Galore = GUEST!!! (multiple episodes) [25%]

Now, because you’ve been invited as a guest, we can throw out Smart+Smart, which leaves us with two slots where you are an idiot and one slot where you are not = 66% chance that the idiot is YOU.

If your girl happens NOT to be an idiot (which, BTW… you wouldn’t be smart enough to figure out), then we can rule out the Paternity Test series. The only trick The Maury Show has left up its sleeve is The Lie Detector Test.

Like I mentioned previously, even the secretary who buzzed you in the security door to the studio is more educated than you are. PLEASE do yourself a favor and FORGET ABOUT TRICKING AN-NY-BOD-DEE until you get back out in the street, like FAR AWAY from the studio and make sure you turn a couple of corners so their outside cameras can’t see you either.

Of course, the entire point of this series is that you’re not going to take my advice and stay off the show, so here’s how to carry yourself when you’re a guest on the Lie Detector Test episodes: Continue reading “Maury Show Tips: 02 – Surviving The Lie Detector Test”

Maury Show Tips: 01 – You Are An Idiot

Inititally, I wanted to make ONE post about The Maury Show, but I realized in discussing the concept with some of my lady friends that there are just too many topics to go over, so I’m going to have to make this a series.

Now, The Maury Show is very, very, VERY funny. It’s also sad, pathetic and depressing, but if you can get past the fact that these are real people on the stage, you can focus on laughing instead of crying.

This is not by luck or chance. It’s not an error. They don’t just HAPPEN to people involved in these weirdo circumstances by pot luck. It’s a setup…. It’s a setup, and the joke’s on YOU, Jack. πŸ˜€

This series, “Maury Show Tips”, is going to help you help yourself just in case you end up on the show. Like all self-help situations, most of which end in “anonymous”, we have to begin with a basic premise that you will need to accept before you can absorb what I’m saying, understand it and utilize it in the near future. This basic, fundamental and ALL-IMPORTANT premise is:

You. Are. An. Idiot.

Now, this is very important. Continue reading “Maury Show Tips: 01 – You Are An Idiot”

The Fetishization of Lesbianism

I like lesbians. I mean, who cares? They’re still attractive chicks. That’s what matters! πŸ˜€ There’s no difference between hanging out with a lesbian that doesn’t want to give you some and hanging out with a non-lesbian that doesn’t want to give you some.

So I stumbled upon this Jezebel post, “The Double-Glazed Ceiling:” Is It Harder For Women To Come Out At Work?, and one of the commenters said that they felt that lesbianism is often fetishized.

I didn’t think much of that statement, but then, for some odd reason, I started thinking about WHY I didn’t think much of that statement. What I very quickly understood is that it’s part of my personal brainwashing that lesbians are a fetish.

Before you illiterates start protesting, πŸ˜€ I’m not saying lesbianISM is a fetish for the women involved in it. I’m saying that lesbiANS are a fetish to guys in general.

You can pretty much thank the porno industry for this brainwashing, but, IRL, the more hot chicks involved in something, the merrier. This is why you see SEVERAL booth-babes at car shows instead of just one. As a matter of fact, if you see ONE female at a car show booth, she’s usually in a suit, actually KNOWS about the cars and is an actual EMPLOYEE and REPRESENTATIVE of the company. When you hire booth-babes, OTOH, you have to get more than one, because guys like multiple chicks, regardless of what they tell their wives.

There’s also a biological reason for guys liking multiple chicks. If you have multiple kids with the same woman, they all have the same genetic makeup and carry the same benefits and flaws into the next generation. You’re gambling that your genes and hers create viable children that will thrive and succeed. If you have kids with multiple women, you mix it up, so there’s actually a better chance that one of your combinations will be better, smarter, stronger or faster than the others.

So anyway… Since we live in a society of Pair Bonders, guys can’t normally get their hands on multiple women. This is where the porno industry helps out… oh, and strip clubs.

I don’t really count strip clubs as of equal importance with porno as far as creating & maintaining the lesbian fetish. You can argue that in both instances, women are given money to do sexual acts. In the strip club, though, it’s clear that the women will do “whatever” for money… and, believe you me… I mean WHATEVER, hahaha, you’d actually be surprised what you can….. The point is that face to face (or face to, whatever) in the strip club, you’re completely aware that the ONLY reason this chick’s doing what she’s doing is because somebody handed her money. Before they handed her the money, she wasn’t doing JACK. Now that she’s been paid, she’s all over you. *YAWN*

Porno’s different, because at least they TRY to act. Porno attempts to be the fly on the wall, and you just happen to be there when several gals are hanging out together and decide to try out all these sex toys they just happen to have laying around. (Tip for the fellaz… If your woman says she’s going to a Tupperware party, I don’t even think they SELL Tupperware anymore, haha Get It? πŸ˜‰ )

So anyway, pornography bridges the gap between what guys were thinking already, and them actually seeing it with their eyes instead of making it up in their heads about the two chicks that are standing over by the water cooler in their skirt-suits. hahaha They don’t make these porno scenarios up out of nowhere. There’s not some “porno writers’ guild” that oversees production. Guys think up scenarios about chicks all day and all night, so the plotlines are obvious and plentiful. All you need is two attractive chicks… well, all you need is ONE attractive chick for guys to think about having sex with her, but for the purpose of this post, you need TWO to kick off the guy’s mental lesbian fantasy production.

I think this is partially why lesbianism is fetishized also, actually. Guys don’t care whether chicks are lesbians or not. They just want the gals to DO STUFF to each other. Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve ever asked a chick if she was a lesbian. πŸ™‚ Like I said at the beginning… who cares? It doesn’t make any difference. But I guess my point is that women are going to be perceived sexually and fantasized about REGARDLESS of what they claim to be into, so for a woman to state that she’s a lesbian, it’s like “oh. pass me a brew”.

Then again, I live in NYC, so we have tons of lesbians here. I would imagine that a woman declaring herself a lesbian to someone who lives in the sticks might actually raise an eyebrow, similar to people that are used to seeing brown-skinned people only on television finally seeing one with their own eyes.

On top of that… “IRL Girl on Girl action” became a fad at some point. I don’t know if there’s an official term for this charade, but if anybody knows, post it in the comments.

As we all know, women love attention. At some point, they figured out that if they kissed other girls at the bar, all of a sudden the attention they were getting skyrocketed… as did the drinks they were being bought and the offers they were receiving to hang out with the guys that were loving the show. Perhaps this was the natural evolution of the Coyote Ugly style of random girls from the crowd getting up and dancing on the bar. I did find it interesting how girls that were being basically ignored BEFORE dancing on the bar became hot property afterwards and received tons of compliments and accolades. I can see that being an addiction and gals wanting to know how they could create the same experience for themselves at bars that didn’t have that type of DiY entertainment.

Next thing you know, you’re hanging out and two chicks that were just standing around drinking beers or whatever start grinding on each other and then if they get a crowd, they start making out. It’s actually kind of funny. It’s like a free strip club. If the chicks were smart, they’d be getting paid to put on their shows. πŸ™‚ But their payment is attention from guys, compliments and free drinks, so that’s better than what they were getting before they started “akkin a fool”!

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, THIS may be even more of a detriment to the situation than porno or actual strip clubs where you know what you can get chicks to do for money. You have so many chicks CRYING WOLF about being lesbians that they’re diluting the actual lesbian population. Those same chicks that grind on each other and make out in the bar hook up with guys on a regular basis. They’re not ACTUAL lesbians.

Similarly, lots of gals CLAIM that they’re lesbians as a defensive statement against guys trying to have sex with them (as if we cared or asked them if they were lesbians in the first place). And save the “maybe it’s *YOU* that they’re telling they’re lesbians to get rid of you!” hahaha I hear that all the time. πŸ˜€ Regardless, you see the problem here. Women are claiming that they don’t have sex with guys and then they turn around and have sex with guys, so these fakers and impostors add to the fetish because guys think they “converted” a lesbian when all they really did was have sex with a liar.

Yeah, this DEFINITELY makes matters worse, because the squeaky wheel gets the oil. All these chicks are parading around claiming lesbianism to get attention, so they’re really visible. Meanwhile, ACTUAL lesbians are invisible. Go ahead and ask someone how a lesbian acts. πŸ™‚ It’s like [blink… blink…]. There aren’t any characteristics. Unless you’re just a nosey person, you’re not going to know a chick’s a lesbian until you invite her to have sex with you.

What does a lesbian couple look like at the bar? That’s right. Two chicks standing around. So what?… Oh, look, she hugged her. So what? Women hug women all the time. Oh, look, she kissed her. So what? Women kiss women all the time. Women like to hold each other’s hands or arms walking down the street as well without being lesbians, so the women misrepresenting lesbianism (IRL fakers, porno girls and strip club chicks) add to the fetish and nothing subtracts from it. I won’t even go for the cheap stats I could rack up by naming celebrities that run that attention game while they think it’ll be good for their careers. You know who they are. Meanwhile, AFAIK, there are fewer lesbian characters in American television shows than there are Asians…….. Asians, PERIOD. Not Asian lesbians.

Like I said, I can’t imagine someone actually ASKING a chick if she’s a lesbian, so for the most part, I receive my information via a third party. My personal reaction is “Good! That means she knows more chicks! πŸ˜€ ” A lot of guys feel negatively about her declaration, because they feel like it’s an affront to their attractiveness or ability to get on… as if she would have given them some in the first place, had she been into guys. A lot of women, lesbian and non, hide their significant others on social media sites in order to avoid said negativity or so that their “taken” status doesn’t decrease their number of twitter followers or whatever. Of course, again, this skews the perception of existence of and interaction with lesbians in the favor of the squeaky wheels, who enjoy broadcasting their exploits on the internet (or anywhere else they possibly can).

So.. Yes… I definitely believe that lesbianism has been fetishized in American society (and probably everywhere else). Time will tell if that ever changes. I suppose I should bring this topic up next time I run into my lesbian friends…. um…. except I’ll probably be too busy trying to meet their girlfriends! πŸ˜€


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Bre Pettis: “History Hacker”

My friend, Bre Pettis made a TV show pilot episode called “History Hacker” which is going to air on the History Channel on Friday, September 26th at 9PM.

Bre Pettis on the set of History Hacker

Read about the show on Bre’s site => [link]

I know the show’s gonna be great, because Bre’s a brainiac as well as a cool and fun guy to hang out with. He cares so much about learning and teaching that I *KNOW* he poured it all into this show. I’m excited to see it! πŸ˜€

If anyone SHOULD have a show, it’s Bre! πŸ˜€

Bre Pettis & Bill Cammack

Here’s a video I filmed almost exactly a year ago (August 2007) where Bre explains Handmade Music Night @ Etsy Labs for my videoblog & community site, “RealFans.TV”.

Obviously, that was done on the fly, in one take, off the top of his head, so I’m sure that throwing a production and post team behind him to make “History Hacker” is going to yield an interesting and educational show.

Congrats, Bre! πŸ˜€

Bre Pettis, Bill Cammack & Lux Alptraum
Bre Pettis, Bill Cammack & Lux Alptraum

Check out Bre’s site to find out more about History Hacker.

Demographics & Monetization

Television is about advertising… NOT entertainment.

The product is YOU, the viewer.

The networks provide you to advertisers, grouped together usefully for the advertiser’s purposes.

The advertiser pays to get their carefully-crafted commercials in front of a lot of people that might accept the message and buy their product or service.

The networks pay production companies to create programming that gets a certain demographic to sit there and watch the commercials. The production company pays editors and talent. Sometimes, the network has their own editors, to make sure the quality is uniform across certain shows, like news programs.

Bill Cammack

So the advertisers pay the network to pay production companies to pay crew to create a show that gets the viewer to watch the network so they can see the advertisers’ commercials and buy their products or services and give them more money back than they spent on the commercials.

Meanwhile, cable companies get money for bringing the signal from the networks to your house, so they get to sell advertising on top of the advertising that’s embedded in the actual shows.

Ultimately, the product is *YOU*, and the goal is to get you to hand over your money in exchange for the entertainment of television.

303 ReelSolid.TV s03 ep021 – Patti LaBelle – “Making a Difference”

Clip from an episode Bill Cammack edited of “Living It Up with Patti LaBelle“, which airs on the TV One cable/satellite television network. Episode = "Making a Difference".

Will Your Show Scale?

I’ve been planning on doing a few different shows for quite a while now. Just about everything is in perfect position… however, before going forward, there’s an important consideration… scaling.

My friend Tyme White is always yakking about scaling. “How does it SCALE?” “That’s not going to SCALE!” blah blah blah blah blah…… Unfortunately (fortunately?) she’s right IF you’re looking at your show being a success from when you’re still in the early planning stages.

The way I’m going to define scaling for the purpose of this article is the ability to grow your show, social site, whatever. Just GROW it. Increase your membership. Increase your viewership. Improve your google rank. Get more people interested. Receive more UGC (User-Generated Content). Get more page hits…..

The reason scaling is important… Rather, the reason that YOU should consider your project’s ability to scale is that you might be broadcasting to a niche market. Let’s say, for instance, you want to make a show about DiY Clothing (DiY = Do it Yourself). There are only going to be a certain number of people interested in making their own clothing. A segment of that population watches videos on the internet. A segment of that population will be aware of your show. A segment of THAT population will like your show and recommend it to other people and/or come back and watch it again. A segment of THAT population will become ‘passionate’ about your show and become your core fans. => Rob & Corinne, Justin & Marissa
That’s great for a start, but once you have an audience, what do you do next? How do you get MORE audience? Can you get more? ARE THERE any more people that don’t know about your show already that might be interested? How can you find them? How can you get them interested? What can you change about or add to your show that will reel in an entirely new set of passionate, core fans?

I remember when I became aware of / fascinated by the concept of scaling. I was hanging out in Bed, Bath & Beyond…. I know, I know. It wasn’t my fault. Blame it on Dan McVicar. :/

Bill Cammack & Dan McVicar
Bill & Dan

Anyway… I’m hanging out by the checkout line, and there’s this endless stream of people slowly making their way to the register to pay. So I start imagining how many people are passing me, and it occurs to me that it’s A LOT! πŸ˜€ Then it occurs to me that more people passed me in the last 5 minutes than the total number that subscribe to my show in iTunes. :/ THEN, it occurs to me that if I stood there all day, the number of people that passed me would be greater than the number of people that subscribe to many popular, established internet shows. What I took away from that contemplation was that even if you’re considered popular within your own space or echo chamber, there are still more people to reach…. A LOT more people.

One of the most successful internet video shows that I’m aware of is Rocketboom. In 2006, each daily episode was being downloaded ~300,000 times. Even with numbers like that, comparisons were being made to cable television shows, not network shows, which count their viewers by millions. Recently, this show called “Quarterlife” got booed off the stage for ‘only’ pulling in 3,860,000 viewers on NBC… Obviously more than ten times the daily Rocketboom viewership.

Of course, none of this means anything to people that are expressing themselves by putting video on the internet and have no interest in numbers, stats, revenue-sharing, sponsorships, etc. For those that do care, and whose show’s future may very well depend on scaling, it’s important to consider the “what if?” of potential success.

Actually, before you figure out whether your show is scalable, you need to figure out if your show is SUSTAINABLE, which is an entirely different issue. For the most part, there are no “seasons” in internet-show-biz. It’s a new week… You need a new show. Period. Whatever your cycle is… daily, weekly, monthly… you need to come up with a concept that you can produce consistently and deliver on a regular basis. If you can’t do that, scaling’s useless because your viewers will drift away due to lack of output on your part.

So, do like Tyme does… “Ask NOT, Will it Blend?… but Will it SCALE?”