Bill Cammack to Team SCRIGGITY!

Effective immediately, Bill Cammack joins Drew Olanoff as a member of “Team SCRIGGITY“. πŸ˜€

When I first got involved in videoblogging, a little over a year ago, I used to troll‘s recent uploads to get ideas about shows that I thought were good. One of those shows was Jonny Goldstein’s “Reinventing Television” ( I got involved, immediately. => Text chat from Reinventing Television Episode 2 (October 12, 2006).


Another show that I thought was cool, interesting and innovative was scriggity ( Eventually, I met and hung out with Drew @ several NYC events, including Videoblogger Meetups, Network2 get-togethers and PodCampNYC.

Meanwhile, I was gearing up to do my own show… I mean, I *HAVE* my own “show” already, but it’s more like a feed of stuff that I do day in and day out. It’s not a actual show, but rather an indication of what it’s like to be me on any given day. So… I was gearing up to do an actual show and started filming episodes of “The Lab”.

What I found out, and outlined in my notes about the project… was that while I enjoy MAKING shows, I don’t enjoy the rest of the process. The “paperwork”, as I call it of all the stuff that has to be done PAST production and post.

Interestingly enough, Drew decided that he doesn’t want to edit. πŸ˜€ We chatted this morning, and I’ve joined “Team SCRIGGITY”, and we’re looking forward to big things. πŸ˜€ I always enjoy doing projects with friends, and I’ve been a fan of Drew’s concepts for a long time now. Thanks to Drew for the nod, and…

it’s ON!!! and it happens to be POPPIN’!!! πŸ˜€


ReelSolid.TV 1-Year Anniversary

(Lafayette Hotel)
Neo: Whoa, deja vu.
Trinity: What did you just say?
Neo: Nothing, I just had a little deja vu.
Trinity: What did you see?
Cypher: What happened?
Neo: A black cat went past us, and then another that looked just like it.
Trinity: How much like it, was it the same cat?
Neo: Might have been, I’m not sure.
Morpheus: Switch, Apoc.
Neo: What is it?
Trinity: Deja vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something….

On May 27th last year (2006), I made the first post announcing Reel Solid TV. My first videoblog post was one year ago, today. [ReelSolid.TV Episode 01]

It’s been a very interesting year… kind of like a wild ride with endless twists and turns. Blogging, Videoblogging, Compression, Editing, Production, Pre-Production, Hosting, Conferences, Socializing IRL, Social Internet Networks, Festivals, New gadgets coming out every day to make it easier to connect with each other……

In the end, I look back across the last 365 days and I see 157 episodes and I don’t even feel like trying to count how many hours of content. :/ When I make a “ReelSolid.TV Season 01” DVD, I’ll let you know how long it takes to sit down and watch everything I posted in my first year of videoblogging:

MasamiBillShow – 5 Episodes (April 13, 2007 – April 24, 2007)
The Lab – 6 Episodes (March 16,2007 – April 20, 2007)
ReelSolid.TV – 49 Episodes (May 28, 2006 – May 11, 2007)
Eight Million Stories – 97 Episodes (November 20, 2006 – April 05, 2007)

I ended up with several shows because they’re all different topics, styles and lengths, and I didn’t want to dilute one show with another one. I thought that would be beneficial to me so that I could point people to one specific style of video that they might be interested in. At this point, I’m a fan of consolidation. Put the video where people expect to see it. Myriad shows under one brand… one focus… one RSS feed.

Steve Garfield said he subscribes to people. I’ve found out that I do the exact same thing. I don’t so much watch JetSetShow or Galacticast or SomethingToBeDesired as I tune in to see what Steve & Zadi did this week or what Rudy & Casey did or what Justin did. I would watch if it were the same thing every week or if it were different every week. I would watch whether the shows were produced daily or arrived sporadically in their RSS feeds. Similarly, I’m going to consolidate MY shows into MY RSS feed, and people can watch it if they feel like it.

A very special “thank you” shout-out goes out to my Season 01 subscribers! πŸ˜€ It means a lot to post a video and get a certain number of downloads right off the bat. It also means a lot for y’all to post *FEEDBACK* when you watch a video that you like or even one that you don’t like. I’ve had several conversations over the last two months where I started to describe one of my episodes to someone, like my Vlog Deathmatch Music Video Promo, and the person I’m telling goes “Yeah, I saw that… That was great! πŸ˜€ I especially liked the part where…….” and I’m standing there like ??? because I had received ZERO FEEDBACK from that person that they even SAW that video. To date, I have 929 views on my VDM Official Entry (Starring ActionGirl) and I have 27 comments on the page. :/ FOUR of the comments were BY ME, so either those 24 people watched that video 38.708333 times each or the amount of WATCHING far outweighs the amount of COMMENTING! πŸ˜€

Recently, much has happened to change the game, and / ReelSolid.TV is going to flow with that. Stay tuned for live events, interviews, contests, forum discussions, collaborations… even AUDIO PODCASTS!!! :O Now that Season 01 of ReelSolid.TV has been spent learning the technology, the ‘business’ of videoblogging and the philosophies behind all of that, Season 02 is going to be WAY LESS about organization, structure and paperwork and WAY MORE about content creation and self-expression through video & audio… which is why I do what I do in the first place.

Thanks again, all… especially those that dove into videoblogging as soon as they realized what they could do and have made their knowledge available to other people, like on the yahoo videoblogging list and

Deja vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something….
ReelSolid.TV Season 02 kicks off NOW!!! πŸ˜€

ReelSolid.TV  "301"


The Lab – Production Log Pickup 05

I wanted, and received, the understanding of what it takes to put together a weekly internet show absolutely from scratch. Before the ides of March, hehe, I had absolutely nothing….. I mean, besides outstanding equipment and infinite skillz. πŸ˜€ I had nothing. All I had was an idea to do a show based on films that adhered to certain parameters that friends of mine (who know who they are) told me were attractive features to have in an internet show. I chose films because I’ll never run out of them, and I chose the format because I could do everything myself and wouldn’t get hung up for shows if other people dropped the ball, like they always love to do. It’s Monday right now, and I haven’t even CONSIDERED doing a show for this Friday, except doing out-takes from “American Pimp”, and I could do that show in one afternoon. The point is that as I sit here now, I know what it takes to deliver a show four days from now that’s virtually indistinguishable from my other three episodes (Not counting the two BlogHerBiz episodes, 1, 2). That’s what I wanted, and that’s what I have.

I may or may not do a new episode of “The Lab” for this Friday. I haven’t had the chance to devote brain cell #1 to ANY of the fantastic ideas I got from BlogHer Business ’07, and I still have clips to upload from the conference. I have two very interesting ideas on the table to discuss with a couple of the BlogHer ladies, regarding text blogging, audio blogging or video blogging. I also have to start thinking about practical implementation of Justin’s ideas.

It’s also currently videoblogging week, 2007. There’s a wiki about VBW’07 @, and you can search for videos tagged “videobloggingweek2007”. I might use this week to test out a daily version of “The Lab”, and STILL do my film show for Friday…

’cause I’ve Got It Like That! πŸ˜‰

The Lab – Production Log Pickup 04

I had used the time between when I “finalized” my final revision of my dialogue script (as final as it was going to be until I actually started saying the lines and feeling them out), and when I was emotionally prepared to “attack” my lines to finish the rest of the edit. Everything was done except for saying and then loading my lines, color correcting them, tightening up the edit to work on the timing I felt was proper, then noise-reducing the drive sounds out from under my lines, watching the whole piece for timing, compressing and uploading. Everything went smoothly, like it’s supposed to, πŸ˜€ and I had my video uploaded by the time I headed out on Saturday around 4pm to play Ultimate Frisbee in Central Park.

I was actually a day late with my release, but there was nothing ‘good’ I really could have done about that. I had so much to do last week, including switching concepts entirely when I found out that “Witches of Eastwick” didn’t have what I needed to make a show, that by the time I got my final dialogue revision written, it was Friday evening or Friday night, and I had ZERO incentive or energy or DESIRE to read my lines AT ALL. Being a morning person, I woke up with ‘attack’ energy, prepared the set, then did my 45 minutes on-screen. It actually went pretty quickly, because I knew my lines, and it was only the break points that were tripping me up. Some of the takes I ended up using were the second or third ones, and I *KNEW* that I had aced them when I finished saying them, but I did several more takes anyway, for ‘safety’. That’s why it still took 45 minutes. I was going over the same lines, just in case.

Having internalized the process, I see that there’s an order I need to use when I to this format of a show. The MAIN thing is the clips. Until I have the clips I’m going to use, thinking about dialogue or writing dialogue is worthless. I have to make sure I have clips that are short enough that they’re all done in ~ 1:30. I have to have a punch-out, or I have to write one when I get to the dialogue. Part of what made the process tedious was looking through the whole film for clips to use. I probably ended up using 1/5th of the footage that I thought was useful from “Clerks”. I ‘wasted’ a lot of energy thinking about bridging clips that I ended up not using at all. Next time I do a show in this format, I’m just going to be looking for the short stuff that illustrates the point and sets off my dialogue. It gets easier every time. All the rest of it is cookie-cutter formula at this point.

Having said that, I don’t actually WANT to do it.


The Lab – Production Log Pickup 03

So it got to the point where I knew what clips I was going to use, and I had my script for my dialogue. I had already finalized my intro, and “all” I had to to do for the credits was edit the template. Unfortunately, I messed that up because I didn’t keep track of how many “special thanks” I had. The way I did it, when I looked at the credits, they looked normal. I hadn’t recognized that a row of people I wanted to thank had fallen beneath the frame, and wasn’t showing up on the screen. The only reason I noticed this at all was because I looked at the credits after compressing and uploading the video, and I noticed that the bottoms of the letters on the lowest names on the list were slightly cut off. In my curiousity about how this could be possible, I realized that there were two more names that completely didn’t show up at all in the credits. When I increased the font for the names, the lowest ones got pushed off the bottom of the screen. Adjusting everything higher in the frame and recompressing took care of that. πŸ™‚ So the initial 6 or 7 people that downloaded episode 05 with Democracy Player got the version with the incorrect credits. πŸ˜€

I put people in my “special thanks” section that I could remember offhand and that I could go back to my comments and see had given me constructive criticism or something that was useful to me as support in doing this 3rd (Technically episode 05) episode of “The Lab”. Based on comments that Justin Kownacki, creator of Something To Be Desired made, as well as things I’ve noticed about internet shows and understandings I’ve achieved through myriad conversations with Dre, I intend to do more with viewers and commenters than say “thanks for the info” and keep on rollin’. I agree with Justin that the future of internet shows is interactivity. I wanted to make sure I mentioned some of the key people that gave me the energy that eventually became “The Lab” Episode 05.

Unfortunately, having everything together isn’t the end… it’s the beginning. You still have to make it happen. You still have to deliver the lines you wrote with the intention with which you wrote them. Without that, all the surrounding elements are perfectly worthless. As I mentioned in Recording Episode 01 of Ò€œThe LabÒ€, “performing” dialogue isn’t as easy as it looks, AND it’s an emotional drain… or maybe it’s not a drain… Perhaps it’s the opposite… an emotional high that you go on and then you’re released from it at the end of the process when you wrap, and that’s what feels like a drain. Either way, it’s not something you want to do when you’re not in the mood to do it. I’m very glad I’m not a peformer, because I wouldn’t be interested in doing that every day…. not even MOST days or even SEVERAL days! πŸ˜€ Putting in my hour in front of the camera once a week is WAY more than enough for me.

Doing my lines was easier for me this week, because I’m pretty much “over” the process. I’ve already done it enough times to know that I *CAN* do it and approximately how long it takes me to do it. I was more in a “get it over with” mode than a “get the lines perfectly the way I want them” mode. It still took me 45 minutes to do, because until you physically say the lines over and over, they’re not natural enough to “perform” them AND remember what the next set of lines is. I remember looking at one section in particular and thinking “Damn… I shouldn’t have written so much stuff!” πŸ˜€ It was something like three full sentences with a break point at each one of them, so as I was finished “performing” section 1, I had to start ‘loading’ section 2 so I could pass through seamlessly as if it were ‘stream of consciousness’. Like I’m writing this right now as it comes to me, but if I had to SAY all of this stuff… in a row… in one take… it would take me forever to practice it long enough to have it seem like natural conversation. I could probably repeat it verbatim very quickly, but I would sound like a robot… worse than when people read information off of teleprompters that they really have no technical knowledge about.


The Lab – Production Log Pickup 02

So I found my new ‘out’ in the very first video clips I had selected. I hadn’t considered it an out because I thought I was going to use all that footage that I had initially logged. Even with the new ‘out’ being so close to the beginning of my selects, I still had too much footage to make the show as short as I wanted it.

The problem was that it took too long for Dante to get to the point where Veronica asked him how many girls he had had sex with. If I just took the relevant part at the end, it didn’t make sense to just jump into their conversation there. If I took it from the beginning, it was too long, because the pacing of an hour and some-odd movie is going to be different from the pacing of a 4-minute show. I decided I needed both, but not Dante’s full explanation of why women just have to “be there” for a guy to enjoy them, and a guy has to do so much more work to please a chick. I took the parts I needed and decided to bridge with dialogue as if someone ran the wrong clip to start off the show. I felt this was the best way to establish how it got to the point that Dante says something about the number of women that have had sex with him, which leads to Veronica’s question and gets the real dialogue started.

Now that I knew what clips I was going to use, I had to write the dialogue AGAIN to work with the new sections. Interestingly enough, the new dialogue had a REALLY good ‘out’ that I could have punched to my credits with. I was really debating using it instead of the ‘out’ that I chose during the previous process. I decided to stick with the out from the clip, even though I wasn’t really breaking continuity. I ended with a clip on “Swingers”, and ended with Brainy’s dialogue on “American Pimp”, so really, either one would have worked for me. I ended up using both by getting back into the ‘out’ clip earlier so that in effect, there are two ‘outs’. There’s the dialogue-out and then the show-out instead of just having one or having the dialogue set up the final clip.

Actually, I skipped a step or a few. The new dialogue-out came from visual support of a line I was working on for one of the bridges beween clips. I was looking through college pictures of various girls’ dorm rooms because at the time, I had a line that said “… you don’t want to know what she was doing in college :D”. As I was looking through them, the pictures became the actual point instead of the support of the point. The point became that there’s visual proof that the girl/woman you’re currently dating or married to spent time with other guys before you, and you have no idea whether that was intimate time or not…. Therefore, there’s no reason for you to make a big deal out of what she did in the past. Once I wrote the new lines, based on the pictures, I didn’t know how punchy it was until I looked at the footage. So, even when writing something, you don’t know if the delivery is going to give it a different meaning or usefulness than when you wrote it.


The Lab – Production Log Pickup 01

I have literally *NOT* had a chance to update my production blog on “The Lab” since my last entry, which was about ten days ago. There just haven’t been enough hours in each day in the last two weeks.

I rushed production on “American Pimp” because I had to get it done before going to BlogHer Business ’07 with Rox from BeachWalks.TV. I shot video @ BlogHerBiz that I STILL haven’t finished uploading. That was on a Thursday and Friday. That Sunday, I went to Central Park with Mike, Eric & Sandra… more video from that… Then I spent the rest of the week preparing flickr pictures, editing and uploading videos and working on my next episode of “The Lab” that I had wanted to finish by that Friday.

So I had decided that in honor of my new BlogHer friends, I’d do this weeks show based on “The Witches of Eastwick”….. Only to watch the whole movie then realize there wasn’t enough material for me to comment on in an entertaining fashion. So I had to switch gears and select another movie, which was “Clerks”, which ended up having way more material than I needed.

So I watched the movie and selected the clips I THOUGHT I was going to use. I then started writing my dialogue based on getting from clip to clip. What I SHOULD have done was time the clips from the beginning when I selected them. I like to aim around 3-4 minutes for an episode, so including intro and credits, that should place me around 1:30 worth of clips, leaving the rest of the time for dialogue. AFTER I got the clips together, and AFTER I wrote my initial run at the dialogue, I found out that I had probably 5 minutes worth of clips, so I needed to get rid of most of them and find a new ‘out’.

I needed a new ‘out’ because the old one was a joke based on the fact that Dante’s ex-girlfriend was getting married. In trimming the clips, I cut out all the references to Caitlin getting married. In fact, I cut out all references to Caitlin altogether. There was literally no time in the timeline to set up the ‘out’, so the ‘out’ had to go along with everything else. This meant my final dialogue was useless, because it set up the ‘out’, and it meant my intro dialogue was useless, because it set up things that I wasn’t going to talk about.