The Rules To Being In An Open Relationship [Free Agents]

People talk about being in open relationships like it’s the cool thing to do these days…

Lindsey ChenBill Cammack
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Lindsey: People talk about being in open relationships like it’s the cool thing to do these days. I don’t know, maybe it is. It’s never worked for me no matter how many times I’ve tried it.

Maybe non-relationship relationships are the new black. I just know that when you commit to an open relationship (that sounds like such an oxymoron), you walk a fine gray line.

Unless, of course, you follow these wise wise rules. Continue reading “The Rules To Being In An Open Relationship [Free Agents]”

Analyzing “The Rules” [Part 01]

“The Rules” is a set of gimmicks that allow women to front as if they’re in demand when they’re really not. 😀

Reader Steve asked for a tactics post in the DatingGenius Suggestion Box, so I thought I’d critique the Top 10 Rules.

Now, First of all… I’m not knocking “The Rules” AT. ALL! hahaha I think “The Rules” is a fantastic guide for women that are completely clueless about how to carry themselves in relationships or when trying to start them. FANTASTIC! 😀 I’m sure there are LOTS of women that would have had ZERO romance in their lives, whatsoever, that ONLY got some because of following “The Rules”.

Having said that, it’s really a bunch of gimmicks. “The Rules” basically says “Even though you feel like doing THIS, do THAT instead”. It’s pretty much the same thing as telling guys to buy a Porcshe in order to get women. That’s a gimmick. Learning how to hypnotize women so they’ll have sex with you is a gimmick. Going around asking women “Did you know I played The Millipede in “The Spirit’s Day Off?” is a gimmick…. hehehe 😀

Buying flowers for a woman in order to “get out of the doghouse” is a gimmick…

The problem with gimmicks is that they’re only temporary fixes. They’re designed to get you over a hump… but they don’t help you long-term. Continue reading “Analyzing “The Rules” [Part 01]”